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After flying for a few minutes, they arrived on top of a very high cliff. Finally, they could take a break and turned back to witness the aftermaths of the earthquake.

The location where they were standing on was a good spot to see everything below them. They could easily see that the abandoned town was buried under the snow and the entire ground looked as though a sea of snow was splashing continuously.

They could hear multiple soft roars coming from underground and saw a ray of evil energy flash before their eyes. I was as though a monster had just awoken from its hibernation...

Sh*t! The ferocious monster must have been disturbed! Gu Xijiu clenched her fists.

Strangely, where did the flash come from!? While she was pondering, Lan Waihu suddenly screamed, "Look at the clouds!"

Everyone was stunned as they looked up to the sky!

A silver dragon was flying among the clouds above the sky, and a young lady was wearing a royal costume and was riding on the back of the dragon.

The young lady was wearing a moonlight colored costume decorated with a Phoenix embroidery. The dress was made of multiple layers. Hence, it was fluttering as though a lotus was blooming layer by layer in the wind. When they took a closer look, they noticed two ribbons dancing around her as though two dragons were coiling around her body. Her hair was as black as a crow's feather, and it was dancing behind her head as it was partially lying on her shoulder.

They could not see her appearance clearly as they were quite a distance away from the dragon, but they found her extremely beautiful and cold.

One of her hands was holding onto the horns of the dragon as a way of stabilizing herself while the other hand was trying to cast a spell. A golden lightning suddenly formed in between her fingertips and traveled away from her fingers!

"Crack!" A bolt of lightning struck!

It was moving towards the barrier. Hence, the snow flew up from the ground, and the roars coming from underground grew louder...

Gu Xijiu finally understood!

No wonder the wizard barrier had collapsed, and the flagpole had been struck by lightning! It was not due to a natural catastrophe but the vicious attacks coming from the lady!

Even though Gu Xijiu's Kung Fu was not the best in the continent, she knew the lady was not a simple person as she had a pair of sharp eyes. She would have achieved a spiritual power of at least level nine and the element of her power was a unique one, Thunder!

Who the h*ck was she?

Gu Xijiu knew almost all the experts in the continent and based on the information she had collected, Hua Wuyan was the most powerful lady in the continent. However, she was a Water element pract.i.tioner.

Followed by Di Fuyi's female servants who possessed a very high level of spiritual power. However, they were rarely seen and hardly got involved in battles. Hence, there were not many people who knew about them or what their true powers were...

Of course, the lady who was riding on the dragon was not Hua Wuyan, but who was she? Was she one of Di Fuyi's female servants? To be honest, she did not look like a servant but rather a princess...

Apparently, the lady had also seen the eight of them escaping from the wizard barrier. However, she neglected their presence after taking a glimpse at them and continued to unleash multiple bolts of lightning.

The explosion caused by the lightning had caused the ground to shake vigorously.

Gu Xijiu suddenly felt strange. She had an amazing sense of hearing, and she seemed to have heard some chaos coming from underground. Countless zombies were struggling to find a way out...

The lightning unleashed by the lady was not meant to kill the monsters but rather to break the chains that were bounding them! The bolts of lightning were not meant to kill the monsters but to release them!

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