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An earthquake happened in a blink of an eye!

Everyone was shocked, and some of them stopped and looked back. Zhang Chuchu screamed, "Look! The flagpole had been struck by the thunder!"

The flagpole was the tallest object in the area, and everyone could see it. Thus, they could see the flagpole being struck from their position! They watched the golden ray of lightning struck the flagpole with a loud explosion.

Gu Xijiu did not feel good and shouted, "Don't bother about it and just run! Hurry up!"

Before she could finish her sentence, the entire ground shook vigorously as though an earthquake with a magnitude scale of eight was occurring! The ground began to crack...

Everyone was shocked as they had not expected that to happen. Qian Lingyu lost his balance and slid down rapidly into the gap where the ground was cracking as he was injured and weak!

The pit was so deep and dark, and Qian Lingyu was shocked as he saw himself sliding down the bottomless pit. Before he could react, his whole body was floating in midair!

Someone had caught him right before he fell into the bottomless pit and was carrying him away to safety. Qian Lingyu's vision was blurry, and the next thing he knew when he opened his eyes again was that he had been brought to a small hill.

Everything happened so fast, and no one was prepared for it.

Qian Lingyu's heart almost leaped out of his body when he finally saw his savior! It was Gu Xijiu.

She had saved him using her teleportation ability. She had not only saved him but also Zhang Chuchu who had fallen together with him.

On the other hand, Yan Chen had carried Little Fox who always had a slow reaction away from the area, while Le Qingxing grabbed her younger sister along...

Gu Xijiu quickly scanned the area before she dropped both of them on the ground. It was a good thing that everyone was safe and were towards the small hill.

She could finally take a breather. However, just as she was about to take her break, she suddenly panicked!

Where was Ying Yannuo!?

Ying Yannuo was always following her wherever she went every time they were outside of Tianju Hall. He had never left her behind except when they were sleeping. Moreover, he always managed to protect himself no matter how dangerous the situation was. Hence, Gu Xijiu always forgot about him every single time they were in danger as she knew he would be able to escape. Perhaps, he would escape even faster than her!

But could she find him now!

Did he get trapped inside?!

Apparently, the formation was collapsing. It was as though the earthquake had caused the mountains to collapse. A huge pile of snowy smoke was rising from the ground as it covered the entire sky.

He would probably have died if he was trapped inside!

Gu Xijiu leaped down from the hill as he wanted to look for him...

She was too fast, and Yan Chen was unable to stop her. , Someone rushed out from the exit right before she jumped into the formation, and Gu Xijiu crashed into his arms as she was unable to stop herself in time.

The person moved like 'The Flash' and flew at breakneck speed as he pulled her along... Gu Xijiu was relieved as she knew that it was Ying Yannuo. Thank G.o.d, he managed to escape!

The area collapsed right after they left the exit. In other words, the entire wizard barrier had collapsed.

The loud noise behind sounded as though the planet had exploded. None of them had the time to look back as they quickly flew away with their Flying Wind Magic until they were about six to seven kilometers away.

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