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The soldiers that died on the battlefield were usually collected and sent back to their home countries, regardless of whether they were their soldiers or the enemies. Their deaths would also be recorded in the military reports and sent back along with them.

They would transport the corpses belonging to the enemies to an open field where they would be burnt. On the other hand, their soldiers would receive a proper burial ceremony before they are cremated. Their ashes would then be collected and sent back to their own families.

It was said that this was a rule which had been decreed by The Lord to manage the corpses found on the battlefield and all kingdoms were expected to comply with this rule.

However, when the war got more intense, and over a thousand people had died on the battlefield, it required a lot of manpower to manage the corpses. Therefore, some kingdoms were lazy to retrieve all the corpses. It was unnoticeable if 30 or even 50 corpses were missing from the battlefield…

Gu Xijiu also viewed the information that she got from Emperor Xuan. During these six months, Feixing Kingdom had lost many times during the war. Even though they had managed to kill 120,000 of their enemies soldiers, they had lost about 50,000 of their soldiers during the battle...

Of course, this was based only on the official records. The actual amount would be even more.

Majority of the corpses had been burned into ashes. However, no one would have known even if several dozens or even hundreds of corpses went missing from the battlefield.

A few thousand puppets would most likely not be a threat to them. However, if Long Fan had control over the soldiers that were responsible for burning and burying the corpses, the number of corpses that were likely to be transformed into puppets would be immeasurable!

Gu Xijiu started to sweat profusely as she thought about this.

She hoped that she was wrong! The carriage was moving very fast. Gu Xijiu lifted up the curtains and looked out at the sky. It was getting darker, and the sun was going down. It felt very peaceful outside the carriage.

However, on the other side of the sky, she saw a thick black could looming nearer. It seems like a storm was coming. This place should not be too far from the battlefield.

After all, the place was full of dead people, and so the atmosphere felt colder and darker than other areas. When the wind blew, it made a sound which sounded like a ghost was sobbing. Suddenly she seemed to have noticed something and looked down from the carriage.

Underneath, she could see the vast wilderness filled with dead trees, snow, slopes, and gra.s.ses. From a glance, there was nothing unusual down there. However, on the southeast corner of the wilderness, she felt like something was wrong...

The carriage was initially going to pa.s.s through that area, but Gu Xijiu suddenly shouted, "Stop!"

Mu Dian, who was outside the cabin immediately stopped the flying lion and asked, "What's wrong?"

Gu Xijiu jumped out directly from the carriage and pointed at the southeast corner, "Do you see anything unusual over there?"

Mu Dian looked down and saw that it was completely white as if it had been covered in thick snow. He frowned, "What is so unusual about it?"

Gu Xijiu answered, "Look at other places. There are dead trees, gra.s.ses, rocks scattered across the land. However, the snow that covered that place was too even. Furthermore, there is no gra.s.s or rock in that area…"

Mu Dian glanced over the area again, and he was shocked. It was indeed rather strange! By looking at the terrain, that place was not supposed to be so flat. It seemed like it was a set up!

He had followed The Lord for many years, and his abilities were far better than Long Siye and the rest of the heavenly disciples. He secretly used his internal power to get a better view of the area. He even realized that there was an evil atmosphere lingering in that place.

He almost ventured into such an evil place without even realizing it just now!

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