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He wore a wrist guard on his wrist all year long, which was changed from time to time. This time he was wearing a black wrist guard, and Gu Xijiu decided to take it off to have a look.

His wrist was as smooth as jade but he was not wearing a bracelet.

After a moment, Gu Xijiu withdrew her hand and smiled, "It seems like I have been overthinking of things." Then she stood up and went back into the carriage.

Mu Dian was speechless, and he could feel that Miss Gu was somewhat disappointed. After what had happened, she did not talk to him anymore.

In fact, she blamed herself for being so suspicious. Apparently, this kid had a dual personality, but she kept suspecting that he was Di Fuyi.

If he was Di Fuyi, he should have been wearing their marriage bracelet on his wrist as the bracelet could not be removed easily. However, she had just looked at his wrist and could see that he was not wearing a bracelet!

Gu Xijiu, you should stop this nonsense! Stop being so suspicious!

She took a deep breath and finally switched her attention back to their mission.

Apparently, Emperor Xuan had been controlled by a type of drug. Did this mean that the person behind it was Long Xi's father who was none other than the mad scientist, Long Fan?

His target had been Di Fuyi at first. What was his purpose now to control Emperor Xuan to start a war?

Gu Xijiu unconsciously tapped her fingers on the chair as she recalled about the green-clothed puppets which had been manipulated by the flute.

Her heart started beating rapidly!

Those puppets had been identified as the hunters who were killed in town, and their corpses had gone missing… During that time, the population of a small town located at the border of the Feixing Kingdom had been slaughtered overnight, and only one person had survived when the case was reported.

The town consisted of families who were hunters, and every one of them was good at fighting. However, they were all killed in a single night, and their corpses had gone missing. There were only puddles of blood found splattered across the town's streets. After the incident, Emperor Xuan sent Gu Xietian and Rong Che to investigate the incident. It was said that Gu Xietian, Rong Che, and their army team went missing for several days. Fortunately, they showed up later and claimed that they had lost their way in the mountain…

At that time, Gu Xijiu had received another piece of news. When she finally understood the message, Gu Xietian and the rest had returned to the capital.

The corpses of the missing hunters had been found too. They had been transformed into the green-clothed puppets and had attacked Tianju Hall…

During the battle, all the green-clothed puppets had fallen into the lava, and even the purple-clothed puppet that Long Fan had possessed was no exception.

She thought that Long Fan was dead, but based on what Di Fuyi had said, it seems that Long Fan had practiced to the level of spirit separation and so he was still alive. She had doubts about it, but now she truly believed it!

It was Long Fan who had triggered the war from behind the scene!

What better way to kill people other than to start a war? It was the best way to collect more corpses to make puppets!

During the battle at Tianju Hall, they had a headache dealing with a thousand puppets. What if Long Fan showed up again with a larger puppet army…?

Gu Xijiu did not want to think about it! She tried to calm herself down and slowly a.n.a.lyzed the situation in her mind.

It has been almost a month since the hunters in the small town were slaughtered and transformed into the green-clothed puppets to attack Tianju Hall... This meant that the process of transforming the corpse into puppets took at least two weeks. The war had lasted for at least six months. If Long Fan had been secretly using the corpses he found as a result of the war to make puppets, he should have gathered quite a large army by now.

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