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Gu Xijiu looked at him. This guy was sitting upright, and the way he moved his hand to control the whip was very formal.

She had an idea. She went out and sat down beside him. Perhaps she had appeared too sudden as Ying Yannuo was shocked and almost fell off from the carriage.

Gu Xijiu lifted her hand and held his arm, "Be careful!"

Ying Yannuo felt like he had just been stung by a group of bees and quickly withdrew his hand. He sat at the edge, "What… What are you doing here? The wind very strong out here. It would be better for you to stay in the carriage."

Gu Xijiu quickly nestled on him, and she secretly sniffed him… It was quite strange. So far, she could only smell the scent of Di Fuyi's spirit, but when she tried smelling other people, she could only smell their body scent. For instance, the scent of Ying Yannuo was like the scent of bamboo and was very fresh. However, it was certainly not Di Fuyi's scent…

Ying Yannuo was a very special kid. He liked putting on different types of perfume. Therefore, he always smelled different. She smiled and placed her hands on his shoulder, "Ying Yannuo, do you realize that you have a dual personality?"

Ying Yannuo was stunned, "What…?"

Gu Xijiu stared at him until she saw that he was starting to panic before she slowly said, "I think two spirits are living in your body and your body is being controlled by them interchangeably."

Gu Xijiu went closer to him to get a better look at his face. There was no mask or human skin on it. It was his real skin, and he was not pretending to be anyone…

Was this what people referred to as having a dual personality?

Ying Yannuo looked at her for a moment before he sighed, "To be honest, my family members have told me the same thing. Sometimes I forget about things, and even if someone reminded me, I can't seem to recall the incidents they mention to me. However, I think it is impossible for there to be two souls inside my body. Perhaps this is what you refer to as a dual personality?"

Mu Dian was also rather quick-witted and was able to respond quickly. He could immediately relate to what Gu Xijiu had said and used her own words to complete his lie.

In fact, there was no difference between him and Ying Yannuo, whether it was physical appearance or his actions. The only difference was the way they treated Gu Xijiu.

"His master dared to get very close with Gu Xijiu, but he dared not! Even if he was disguised as Ying Yannuo he dared not do so… My Lord, I thought you said you did not want to be close to her to avoid your ident.i.ty from being exposed? However, why does it seem like you have been sticking very close to Miss Gu lately? My Lord, can we be more restrained in front of Miss Gu? Otherwise, the image of Ying Yannuo will be tainted in Miss Gu's eyes!" He was whispering in his heart when suddenly, Gu Xijiu caught hold of his wrist. He was shocked and almost slapped her.

Fortunately, he promptly held himself back and looked at Gu Xijiu awkwardly, "What… What are you doing?"

Oh gosh! Was she trying to take advantage of him? Should he reject her?

Gu Xijiu glanced at his pale face and said, "Do not move your body! Let me test if there is really another spirit in your body!" She had mastered the skill, so she was able to detect if there was another spirit in his body.

Mu Dian knew of her ability, so he dared not resist and obediently let her check.

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