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The girl looked at him blankly, "But… But that person told me that you are Brother Long Xi. Both of you look alike too."

Long Siye coldly said, "He cheated you! I am Long Siye, Overlord of the Tianwen clan."

He could not help but look at her. There was sorrow in his heart. This was the body that he prepared for Gu Xijiu but she did not get too used it and had let Ye Hongfeng occupy it…

His feeling on Ye Hongfeng was actually very complicated.

He always thought that Ye Hongfeng was the cloned baby and occupied the life that Gu Xijiu was supposed to have. However, she was the princess of the Ye couple and was pampered by them. He could not afford to offend her so he always treated her properly.

After he found Gu Xijiu and became her instructor, he felt guilty to her at first but later on, he fell in love with her. Long Siye always planned to exchange their souls but after he realized that it was not possible to do so, he gave up on the idea. However, every time when he met Ye Hongfeng he always felt uncomfortable and tried very hard to avoid her…

When he was forced by the Ye couple to kill Gu Xijiu much to his unwillingness, he pretended to engage with Ye Hongfeng and planned to swap their soul back to the original bodies…

Of course, in order to confuse the Ye's couple, he treated Ye Hongfeng very well that time. He always played with her and brought her out to dine, however, he hated her in his heart.

Because she was the one who wanted to kill Gu Xijiu after she discovered her existence...

Therefore, when Long Siye started the heart-swapping surgery, he did not regret but even felt pressured when he induced Ye Hongfeng with anesthesia. He just felt sympathetic for her when he was about to take the heart out. After all, this girl loved him and was very obedient to him. She always called him Brother Long Xi…

During the surgery process, Ye Hongfeng was the first one being operated on, which meant that she was the first one who died.

He thought that Ye Hongfeng had been occupying the body and enjoyed the good life that Gu Xijiu was supposed to have for so many years - it was not a loss for her even if she died. Therefore, he only felt slightly guilty towards her.

He followed Gu Xijiu to her death and had been preparing to bring Gu Xijiu back to life for many years but only thought of Ye Hongfeng once a while.

But this time after he discovered the truth directly from the mouth of Gu Xijiu that the two babies were not swapped in the past and Ye Hongfeng was living the life that she deserved - despite her being unlovable - she did not do anything wrong…

In fact, he was the one who owed her twice!

She now came back alive in the body of the clone. Perhaps it was the compensation that had been destined…


Long Siye was terribly upset at this moment. He did not know what the feeling in his heart was.

If it was another soul who occupied the cloned body, he would kill the person without a second thought, so it the clone remained a dead body.

However, the one who was alive was Ye Hongfeng…

He already owed her twice. Should he kill her once again?

Not to mention that there was no need for Gu Xijiu to use this clone body anymore. She had a better body now with a new ident.i.ty that had been famous in this continent…

The blood in his body boiled again and his fingers in his sleeves were slightly trembling.

Di Fuyi, you are really an a.s.shole to put me in trouble…

There was roaring of beasts from afar. Ye Hongfeng was scared and ran closer to him, "Brother Long Xi, I am scared… where is this place?"

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