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The crystal carriage looked extremely luxurious, and he could see that there were two persons sitting face to face inside the carriage. One of them was wearing a purple robe and looked slightly like Di Fuyi. A lady was sitting opposite him. She was slim and was wearing a light pink dress. Although Long Siye could not see her face, his heartbeat grew faster when he saw her posture.

She was Gu Xijiu!

No, she was not the current Gu Xijiu but the modern one. He was nervous. When he was about to rush over to take a better look, the crystal carriage suddenly dived down towards the ground.

Long Siye did not want to lose them, so he followed closely behind them.

He could see that there was a jungle below them and along the hillside was a jungle track where the crystal carriage decided to stop on.

When Long Siye landed on the ground, the young lady jumped out of the carriage. He could see that the young lady was not good at martial arts as she almost fell when landed on the ground. Luckily, she was able to catch the handle in time.

Long Siye was stunned when she looked at him. This lady… This lady was the cloned body that he had created! She had come alive!

The lady looked at him for a moment and finally said, "You… You are… Brother Long Xi?" Her voice was clear and sweet. It was a voice that was very familiar to him.

Long Siye almost fell on the floor as if he had been knocked down by someone. His body suddenly felt cold.

Ye Hongfeng! It was Ye Hongfeng's voice and tone! Who… Who was it that was responsible for summoning her soul into the cloned body?

He suddenly shifted his attention towards the carriage and angrily shouted, "Di Fuyi! What is your intention?!"

The purple robed man did not step out from the carriage. Instead, he laughed loudly, and Long Siye recognized that it was Di Fuyi's voice, "Overlord Long, she is supposed to be your lover. She is your fiancé and the also the lady whose heart you have broken twice. I have used a couple of spells to summon her soul over here. The cloned body that you had created was just right for her. Please treat her nicely and don't ever break her heart again."

After he had finished his sentence, the crystal carriage rose from the ground and disappeared into the sky.

"d.a.m.n, don't go!" Long Siye was overflowing with anger. He jumped on the back of the crane and wanted to chase after Di Fuyi.

"Brother Long Xi!" The lady rushed over, "Don't leave me! I'm afraid!!"

There were stones everywhere on the hillside and as a result of her rushing to catch up with Long Siye, she tripped and fell on the ground.

Long Siye was filled with anger and did not have time to bother about her. He took off towards the sky but failed to spot the crystal carriage as it's speed was too fast.

When he was about to continue his pursuit, suddenly, he overheard a shrill scream coming from the direction of the ground.

He looked down and gripped his fingers. He saw that a ferocious leopard had leaped out from the jungle and was running towards the lady who was trying to stand up…


Long Siye quickly rushed back towards the ground. Before he had even landed, he waved his sleeve and green light shot out from under his sleeve and hit the leopard's body.

He was still furious and as a result, had unleashed an attack that was extremely powerful. Not only had it injured the leopard badly but it had also caused the land to explode, leaving a big hole in the ground. The lady was terrified and started to cry loudly as she quickly rushed over into his arms.

Long Siye waved his sleeves, and the lady froze about half a meter away from him. She could not come any closer. Her face was pale, and the tears in her eyes kept rolling, "Brother Long Xi…"

Long Siye calmed himself down and calmly said, "I am not Long Xi!"

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