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He stepped into the palace and almost fell. He stared at the crystal coffin which laid in the middle of the palace. It was empty. The clone body inside the crystal coffin was missing! He could not believe it and quickly searched the palace. Other than the missing cloned body, there was nothing unusual.

There were also security mechanisms built inside the hall, especially around the crystal coffin. Only an expert would have been able to bypa.s.s the security mechanisms and safely open the coffin. He could see that the crystal coffin is laid open nicely with no signs of forced entry.

Apparently, the person who stole the cloned body was an expert and someone who knew the temple layout very well… Who was this person? What was their intention of taking the cloned body?

Over the years, there were only three people who had visited this place before. They were Gu Xijiu, Di Fuyi and himself. It was impossible for Gu Xijiu to have stolen it as she had been living in Tianju Hall all the while. Could it have been Di Fuyi?

It was unlikely to be him as well as he had recently been hanging around Gu Xijiu in Tianju Hall. He met him quite frequently these days…The number of times he had met up with Di Fuyi these days far exceeded the number of times they had met each other over the years…

The time taken to travel from Tianju Hall to Tian Wen Mountain was at least two days. Even if the speed of Di Fuyi's ride were fast, it would take at least one day to reach here and another day to return to Tianju Hall. Di Fuyi did not seem to have disappeared for more than two days…

Did he command his followers to do it? What was his intention for stealing the cloned body? Was it to make Xijiu happy?

Long Siye knew that Gu Xijiu did not like the cloned body.

However, the cloned body was the result of his years of hard work, and he did not want to destroy it, hoping that it might be useful to him one day…

He never expected that the cloned body would go missing!

He disappointedly stood in front of the crystal coffin and felt as if he could still see the beautiful face of the clone.

For many years, the cloned body had been his main reason for living. He visited the place almost every two days and usually spoke to it. He told the clone how much he missed Gu Xijiu and hoped that Gu Xijiu would be resurrected in this body and stayed with him forever. Even though Gu Xijiu had resurrected but she had changed…

Now the cloned body was gone too! He suddenly felt a wave of emptiness creeping over him as though he had lost his sense of direction in life … He walked out from the palace and summoned the eldest disciple to ask for more details. The answer provided by the eldest disciple made him suspect Di Fuyi even more!

A few days ago, the eldest disciple had seen someone that looked like Di Fuyi on Xianzhu Hill. When he approached the palace, he could not see anyone else, but the door had been left wide open.

Because the eldest disciple could not go any closer to the palace, he could not investigate the interior of the palace, and therefore sent the tracking bird to inform Long Siye instead…

Long Siye clenched his fists. His eldest disciple was very credible and would not have lied. Besides, he was good at recognizing people and had met Di Fuyi before. It is unlikely for him to have mistaken someone else as Di Fuyi when he said that he had seen him on the mountain a few days ago. It looked like Di Fuyi was the one who came and stole the cloned body. Perhaps he had been too eager to entertain Xijiu so much that he had stolen it to be given to her…

He was angry but chose not to say anything. He immediately summoned his crane ride and departed from Tian Wen Mountain.

After traveling for about half a day, he noticed another ride appearing on top of a hill.

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