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"I won't let you burn the midnight oil." Di Fuyi continued, "I have a plan. Take a seat first and try this."

Gu Xijiu guessed and asked, "Celestial Master Zuo intends to reduce the penalty?"

Di Fuyi glanced at her, "How is it possible? I always do exactly what I said, no negotiations."

Gu Xijiu was speechless. Then why the h*ll did he say that he would not let her burn the midnight oil?!

She smiled, "Thank you so much for your trust, but I really have no idea what kind of plan you have. The food should be quite tasty but I've eaten my dinner already and have no appet.i.te for the grilled meat. I might as well get myself prepared for the penalty later."

She turned around and was ready to leave.

"Xijiu, are you going to switch cla.s.ses? I'll prepare this for you as a farewell; you really don't even bother to try?" Di Fuyi asked from behind.

Gu Xijiu was lost for words for a second, "How… How did you know…" She stopped talking halfway as she knew nothing could be hidden especially from him based on his abilities, but she just did not expect that he would know it so soon.

Forget it, so what even he knew it? She did nothing wrong.

Thus, Gu Xijiu turned around and sat down. "Thanks." She then took a glimpse of the grilled meat, "I want a chicken wing."

Di Fuyi replied, "Don't worry, both of the chicken wings are yours." He grilled it carefully with a pinch of salt and brushed a layer of sauce on it...

The fire was burning and the brightness of the flame made him look even more charming.

He did not wear a mask today and his facial features looked like a painting under the starlight. Gu Xijiu moved away from her gaze after taking a glimpse; she then focused her attention on the grilled chicken and suddenly realized it looked very special. There were two crests on its head, its wings were fan-shaped and its claws did not look like those of an average chicken's but were in a shape of a plum blossom...

Since the feathers were all removed, hence, Gu Xijiu could not imagine how the bird looked like when it was still alive.

It looked like a wild chicken when she first took a glimpse, however, it no longer looked like it when she observed it now.

Di Fuyi remained silent, of course. Gu Xijiu would not want to take the initiative to talk to him. While sitting there to wait for the chicken wings, she was thinking about the strategies she was going to use later.

"Why do you want to change your cla.s.s?" Di Fuyi suddenly asked.

Gu Xijiu answered casually, "My spiritual power is low and I couldn't catch up with the lessons…" She told him what exactly he told Gu Canmo.

"Which lesson were you not able to catch up with?" Di Fuyi wanted to know more.

Gu Xijiu frowned as she knew Di Fuyi had no authority to get involved in the matter of the student's overall result and also the matter of cla.s.s swapping as he was just a visiting professor instead of a cla.s.s teacher.

Gu Xijiu did not want to talk too much to him, she smiled and answered, "Thank you for your concern, Celestial Master Zuo, but this is my personal matter and I don't feel like talking about it with others."

Di Fuyi stopped talking and continued grilling the 'chicken'.

His skills had improved as the fragrance was spreading around even before it was ready.

In fact, Gu Xijiu already had her dinner and she was not supposed to be hungry. However, her stomach was growling when she smelled the fragrance and could not stop looking at the golden 'chicken'.

Finally, it was ready. Di Fuyi tore off a wing for her, "Here you go."

It was supposed to be very hot as it was just freshly grilled. However, the temperature was just nice to eat when the 'chicken wing' was at her fingertips.

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