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Although Gu Canmo had agreed to the change, they still needed to attend the cla.s.s they were supposed to go.

Therefore, three of them still went to cla.s.s, as usual, nothing has been noticed by the others.

However, Qian Lingyu sat with Gu Xijiu more often since then and his eyes even got teary sometimes.

Leng Zixing was Qian Lingyu's neighbor. She had been observing him and finally decided to ask when he returned to his seat, "Why are you tearing? Are you crying for someone's departure?"

Qian Lingyu did not like her and replied rudely, "This is none of your business!"

Le Zixing laughed, "You think I'm very free?" She then looked at Gu Xijiu but did not find anything strange from her facial expression. Gu Xijiu was listening to the cla.s.s and did not bother anyone of them.

Le Zixing took a glimpse at Lan Waihu as she was a sensitive girl. Although she always stuck to Gu Xijiu, she was kind of sad that they were leaving soon. Although Qian Lingyu always scolded her, he did protect her as well...

When she got bullied, he would immediately stand in front of her to protect her...

However, they were going to be separated soon.

Le Zixing looked at Qian Lingyu and then looked at Lan Waihu again, she knew there was something wrong with them.

Little Fox was naive and could hardly hide her secret, hence, Le Zixing thought of collecting some information from her.

By the end of the cla.s.s, she asked Little Fox out for a talk as she wanted to get some information from her.

Unfortunately, Little Fox refused to disclose anything this time even though she looked like she was easily fooled.

She did not disclose anything and acted very alert as though Le Zixing was the fox trying to steal the chicken...

Le Zixing stopped asking but secretly observed the three of them. Later, she went straight to Di Fuyi's mansion to see him.

His mansion was a forbidden site for the outsider, hence, no one could simply enter. Even Gu Canmo needed to get the approval from Celestial Master Zuo before he could step in. However, Le Zixing seemed to have a special right as she was invited to enter by Mu Feng right after a single knock on the door.

Coincidentally, Qian Lingyu witnessed the scene as he pa.s.sed by. Thus, he told everything to Gu Xijiu over lunch to release his anger.

Although Gu Xijiu has decided to cut all the ties with Di Fuyi, she still felt depressed when she heard the news, as rationality and feelings were always moving in the opposite direction. However, she did not show any response to it.

After all, Di Fuyi was very close to Le Zixing recently, so it was not a surprise that she had the privilege to become his special guest.

Gu Xijiu went straight to the bottom of the cliff again after a rough day and her dinner.

Although she would be switching to the second cla.s.s on the day after tomorrow, she still needed to go through the punishments she deserved.

Unexpectedly, Di Fuyi was even earlier than she was, as he was setting up a fire to grill at the bottom of the cliff when she arrived.

He frowned and waved his hand when she arrived, "Come over."

Gu Xijiu did not know what kind of plan he had, however, she still walked over to greet him courteously just to prevent something bad from happening.

Di Fuyi took out a futon from nowhere, "Have a seat."

Gu Xijiu did not want to sit, "Celestial Master Zuo, Xijiu needed to fly up the cliff ten times, I have not much time for that and I don't want to burn the midnight oil...

Celestial Master Zuo was going to make a good show soon though!

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