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Gu Xijiu was holding the 'chicken wing' but she did not put it into her mouth as she was sure that was not a wild chicken.

"What kind of chicken is this?" Even the wings were so elegant.

Di Fuyi pa.s.sed her a silver needle, "Here, poke at it."

Gu Xijiu did not quite get it but poked the needle into the 'chicken wing'. She pulled out the needle but did not see anything on it.

"No poison right?" Di Fuyi looked at her with a smile, "You can eat it now."

Gu Xijiu was annoyed, "You're overthinking, I wasn't doubting whether it was poisonous or not." The reason she had not put it into her mouth was that the wing looked really strange and she thought it was a mutated chicken!

Di Fuyi smiled, "Indeed, you weren't worried about whether it's poisonous, but you must be wondering what I've been planning to get you into trouble again, right?"

Gu Xijiu remained silent. He really could read minds?

Di Fuyi looked at her big round eyes, "Am I right? Don't lie! Tell me honestly."

Gu Xijiu replied, "You're partially right, indeed, I was wondering what was on your mind. However, you're the one who mentioned about getting me into trouble, it has nothing to do with me."

In fact, she was wondering what his intention was as he was acting as though he was giving her a candy after slapping her. However, she did not buy the strategy.

Di Fuyi sighed, "Take a bite first, I'll tell you later. I'm afraid that you might not have any more appet.i.te to eat after I tell you."

Gu Xijiu immediately straightened her body to be alert - what was he going to do?

She paused, "I feel that it would be better if you can tell me first. I've no appet.i.te to eat after you said that."

Di Fuyi insisted, "You eat first, it wouldn't be nice when it's cold and the nutrients would be oxidized as well."

It was just grilled chicken. How many nutrients could it lose to make Celestial Master Zuo worry?

Gu Xijiu looked at the 'chicken wing' in her hand. Fine, she would eat it!

She first took a small bite and was stunned.

The meat was as smooth as pudding and it smelled really good with a fragrance of bamboo leaves. Her mouth was full of its nice fragrance and it even slipped down her throat to her lungs.

It was fantastic!

She has never eaten such a delicious grilled meat!

Gu Xijiu finished all the meat in just a few minutes.

Right after she finished one, another one was delivered to her, "You must have both, you won't be able to fly with a single wing."

Gu Xijiu did not expect Di Fuyi to believe that it was a good sign. In fact, she did not plan to have another one. However, since it was so delicious and he was willing to offer...

Then what else was she waiting for!?

Thus, she stuffed another 'chicken wing' into her mouth after thanking him.

Halfway while she was munching, Di Fuyi gave her a light green wine bottle, "It's too oily to eat the meat alone. Here, drink some."

This time, she did not take it but took out her wine bottle from the storage bag, "I have my own wine."

When she was about to drink it, he grabbed her wrist, "No, you can't! You must drink the wine made from the spring water when you eat the Blue Phoenix. That would help to maximize its nutrients!"

Gu Xijiu had almost let go of her wine bottle and she even forgot about withdrawing her wrist from his palm, "Blue Phoenix!?" She quickly looked at the weird 'chicken' with no wings attached again, "This is Blue Phoenix!?"

Gosh! Was he joking with her?

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