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Therefore, he had to take out the sword as soon as possible and begin the treatment.

He could not believe Yun Qingluo decided to treat her peers this way, she did not seem to have become evil only...

If the victim was someone else, Di Fuyi would not even need to think so much but straightaway pulls out the sword. Worse come to worse, there might be some internal organs and flesh on the sword. He had his way to treat him as long as he was still alive.

However, he could not do it now, especially when he saw her suffering to the point where the sweat was gushing out...

That was the first time his palms were sweaty.

Gu Xijiu felt her energy draining out via the sword; she began to feel dizzy and scared. She endured the pain and looked at him, "You… you don't know surgical skills, let Overlord come in, he...he knows. He can help me pull out the sword…" She was also a physician, of course, she knew where her weakest point was. When she was planning to save Little Fox, she tried her best to avoid the dead spot. Although she was brave, she was not stupid enough to risk her own life...

The sword penetrated through her body from the location beside her lung. Unfortunately, it slightly cut her lung. That was the reason she did not dare to take a deep breath in order to avoid any friction between the sword and her lung. Sadly, the pain caused her to breathe heavily involuntarily and she could only try as hard as she can to control it.

"Let me in! Di Fuyi, let me see her!" Long Siye was banging the door outside.

"Please… Let him come in!" Gu Xijiu urged him. A pair of beautiful eyes were occupied with anger and confusion, "Are… Are you trying to murder me for Yun Qingluo?"

Most likely! He kept supporting Yun Qingluo earlier and agreed to whatever request she had!

Although Yun Qingluo poked her with the sword, she also hit her in her chest. Even if her internal organs were not injured, her ribs would be broken and she would be severely injured as well...

Di Fuyi looked at her, he needed her to follow his instructions even though he had a solution. However, it was very difficult now as she had so many doubts in her head...

"So, do you think that I'm bringing you back just to kill you? Do you think I need to go through so much ha.s.sle just to kill you?" Why would he do that when he could easily kill her with a mere finger?

Gu Xijiu had become slightly dumb due to the pain. She refused to think now but she believed in her instinct as it was based on the reaction of Di Fuyi on stage...

Subconsciously, she did not want him to touch her as well. Thus, she shrunk her body slightly and could not sit properly. Hence, she stretched out her hand to hold the bed pillar to keep a distance from him.

She did not want to talk much to him. The only thing she knew was that she was in pain and Long Siye was a good surgeon.

She bit her teeth to endure the pain, "If you really want me to feel better, let Overlord Long come in, please… Let him in, I want him…"

She wanted him, she wanted Long Siye!

Di Fuyi clenched his fingers, again and again, he remained silent for a while and then asked, "You're not afraid he'll take away your soul and resurrect the frozen corpse?"

"No, he wouldn't. I'm the one he wanted to resurrect…" Gu Xijiu did not want to continue talking nonsense with him, "Let him in… He has the solution to help me… Celestial Master Zuo, I have nothing to do with you anymore… so I think it's too much to ask for your help. Could you please let Overlord Long come in…?"

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