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Since they were afraid of affecting the six partic.i.p.ants in the arena, they discussed the matter softly even though they had an intense argument. Only people around the judge's table could hear their conversation.

Gu Canmo was frustrated with all the buzzing and put an end to everything, "Shut up! Qian, do you still remember when Qian Lingyu was kicked out from your cla.s.s? You were complaining to me every day that he has been burdening your cla.s.s and you wouldn't stop until he gets kicked out! And Huang, you were blind as well! What did you say when Lan Waihu was in your cla.s.s? You said she was a piece of rotten wood and there was no way for you to make her a masterpiece! But now you want to take her back when she excels!"

He ferociously glared at the teachers around, "What did you say when Gu Xijiu got to stay? You said I surrendered to the strong authority; you said she would be the one who endangers the future of Tianju Hall! All of you were cursing and complaining in my study room and why are you here to get her now?"

None of the teachers spoke a word.

Gu Canmo moved his gaze to Celestial Master Zuo and continued to lecture his subordinates, "Well, you always think you're so great and accurate and never missed a great talent. Somehow I feel you're all blind! Let me tell you; The Lord has the best eyes as he found such an amazing gem and sent her to Tianju Hall! I believe she would be better than many people and have a bright future! She will probably be better than certain heaven's gift disciples. Open your eyes widely and don't throw away any diamond as though it is a stone! Even if you can find a white jade later and its value is still lower than a diamond, and you will just regret for the rest of your life if you don't open your eyes!"

The teachers were confused as they felt that Headmaster Gu was saying that to someone else but not them. Thus, everyone secretly looked at Celestial Master Zuo. Surprisingly, he did not notice it. He did

not even give any response but took a sip of tea and continued watching the battle.

Based on the way things were going, Gu Xijiu and her team would still be defeated in this game. However, it was not easy for them to last for so long! That was beyond his expectations!

His gaze became as deep as the ocean when he was looking at someone on the battlefield. A moment later, he narrowed his eyes as he knew it was time for the final battle.

The battle had come to the most critical moment.

Among the six fighters, Gu Xijiu had the weakest spiritual power. She

possessed the wind element which allowed her to act the fastest but it also consumed the most energy. Thus, she could not fight longer than the rest. Coupled with the fact that she needed to adjust the team's formation from time to time and also direct Lan Waihu, she was mentally and physically exhausted. Even her hair was wet, and she lost her flexibility when she launched her attacks.

Lan Waihu was the second weakest among them, and she lacked

fighting experience. That was probably the most extended and most dangerous battle she had ever gone through. At the moment, her hair was thoroughly soaked, and her limbs felt as though they no longer belonged to her. However, she was still fighting hard as she knew she had to keep going! She must fight until the end even if she would be stabbed in the next second!

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