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Published at 14th of July 2019 02:40:04 AM Chapter 2054: 2054

"Gu Xijiu was merely defending her right as well as her pet . From what I have observed, the mussel bears multiple injuries ranging from burns, frostbites, and steel needles pierced through its body . However, Tie Liu only has silver needles pierced through his skin . She has clearly shown you mercy . I can see that she does not want to lower herself to the likes of you . If it were me, Tie Liu's consequences would not be as simple . "

Tie Zheng remained silent . He remained unconvinced but dared not speak another word . He had heard about the little prince before . He would smile very often to his friends as an act friendly, but when he did the same to his enemies, there must be more significant motives behind that sarcastic smile . The prince's Kung Fu might not be as good as the three of them, but his status was too mighty to challenge . He was not someone that they should mess with . Moreover, Bai Ze was around as well .

Bai Ze was a mythological creature . Once it truly demonstrated its power, it could easily turn the place inside out by causing ma.s.s destruction . Even if they worked together, they would still not be able to defeat it . Instead, it could easily swallow them all . Wisely, they chose to avoid the fight when the odds were clearly against them . Once again, they bowed before Di Fuyi to get his forgiveness .

Di Fuyi answered sarcastically once again, "Why are you bowing before me? I am not the one that you have mistreated . "

Tie Zheng was wise enough to submit to the circ.u.mstance . Quickly, he switched to bow before Gu Xijiu instead . She closed her eyes, thus ignoring him completely .

Di Fuyi waited until they had bowed enough before demanding, "I do not care who is behind the plot . I only want to make one thing clear . This woman is now under my protection . If you intend to cause her trouble, you will make yourself an enemy of mine . I will let you go this time, with one condition: leave an arm behind, and you may go . "

All three of them were in great shock . They wanted to argue, but Di Fuyi added another warning before they could even voice out their opinion . "If you say another word, you will have to leave both arms behind . "

Carefully, they saw that Bai Ze was eyeing them with hostility . The stern look from Di Fuyi made them realize that there was nothing they could change his mind . They each cut off an arm and went away in disgrace .

Long Siye was finally relieved, for Gu Xijiu was truly safe now . However, he did not like his current situation . The prince could easily achieve the things that he could not, no matter how hard he tried . He was suddenly reminded by the fact that the prince was born with a silver spoon in his mouth .

He was blessed with a good life for being born into the right family . His parents both had a widespread reputation, so many would choose not to go against the prince's order . He could basically do anything as he pleased . As for Long Siye, he could only work his way up slowly . Quietly, he shook his head to dismiss the thought, for it would only make him feel worse .

He wanted to read Gu Xijiu's pulse to examine her condition . In an instant, he could feel that he was being pushed away by someone . Unguarded, he took a few steps back to keep his balance . Long Siye looked up, only to realize that Di Fuyi was already standing in front of Gu Xijiu . He was a tall man . When he looked down at Gu Xijiu, who was in a sitting position, it was as though he had a commanding view from a good vantage point . "How do you feel?" Di Fuyi asked .

After a few moments of quiet rest, Gu Xijiu could finally suppress the condition of her very chaotic vessels . Her injuries were slowly recovering . Soon, she opened her eyes and responded, "I am feeling much better . "

Her heart was suddenly throbbing as Di Fuyi laid his fingertips on her wrist to read her pulse . His fingers felt warm . When they made contact with her wrist, she could feel his warmth slowly penetrating into her blood vessels . Her heart started to throb with excitement . Strangely, when Long Siye touched her, she did not feel the same way .

Gu Xijiu was very grateful to Di Fuyi . The last time they met, she starved him, and he left angrily . She thought to herself that she would visit him one day when she was fully recovered . Also, she would make him a few dishes as an apology . Little did she know that she was going to see him today when she needed him most .

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