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When Gu Xijiu began to read out loud, Lan Waihu immediately attacked according to what she said. A moment later, Huang Tianxing started to deteriorate and even fell to the ground a few times.

That was the first time that Lan Waihu stood on the advantageous side in a solo fight! She got her confidence back now! She was so excited as she watched Huang Tianxing roll on the ground and repeatedly try to get up again! Soon, the battle slowly became a one-sided beatdown.

An hour later, Huang Tianxing got defeated and cried to seek a break. Although Gu Xijiu made them sign the consent agreement, she did not want anyone to die. She asked Lan Waihu to stop at an appropriate time.

When they looked at Huang Tianxing, he was crawling on the ground. Throughout the battle, he was repeatedly beaten and crashed into a pile of rock 14 times. He also crashed into the muddy drain eight times. His face was swollen, and a few of his ribs were broken as well. He was basically paralyzed on the ground when Lan Waihu was asked to stop.

One must bear the consequences of being defeated; he was considered fortunate as he was still alive. Therefore, he needed to kowtow eight times for Lan Waihu. After that, he did not say anything and quickly fled in his vehicle. He would probably remember this lesson for the rest of his life and would not challenge Lan Waihu anymore. Perhaps, he would need to avoid her whenever he b.u.mps into her.

The moment he left, the sound of Lan Waihu's cheer almost made the valley quake! She finally made it! She defeated the b.a.s.t.a.r.d who always bullied her!

Lan Waihu was extremely excited and kept running in circles around Gu Xijiu, "Xijiu! You're amazing! I love you so much!" She almost crashed into Gu Xijiu's arms!

Yan Chen was once her pillar, but he was like a parent to her. He could not do anything besides lecture the students who bullied her due to his ident.i.ty. The most he could do was to reduce her injuries, but it did not help to solve the problems.

However, Gu Xijiu helped her to overcome her phobia and gave her the chance to teach those people who bullied her a lesson! She found herself! She got her confidence back! And most importantly, she enjoyed it!

Although she was tired and injured, she was very excited!

"Are you tired, Little Fox? Are we still going to train today?" Gu Xijiu asked.

"Of course!" Lan Waihu answered loudly.

Gu Xijiu smiled and pulled her together, "Alright, let's go!"

Three of them left together, but before they departed, Gu Xijiu looked at one of the big trees nearby and smiled.

Yan Chen was on top of the big tree. He slowly relaxed his fingers which had been clenched for a while. A stone was shattered into dust and disappeared into the air.

He came right in time when Gu Xijiu and Qian Lingyu arrived at the scene. Thus, he managed to catch the entire show.

He saw how Little Fox got inspired and motivated; he saw her attacks, and he saw how she defeated Huang Tianxing. He felt his blood was boiling and his eyes were teary as he watched her. His little fox has grown up, and it was all because of Gu Xijiu. Indeed, she was a living idea box with plenty of solutions.

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