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"No! Absolutely not!" Gu Xijiu had not said a word, yet the Firmament Stone on her wrist was already shouting in strong disapproval in her head, "How could it possibly be this simple to be a heaven gifted disciple?"

Gu Xijiu remained silent.

She shook her head and answered Long Moyan, "I don’t know." She was not interested in discussing this topic.

A sudden realization hit Long Moyan, "Oh, Chong Sheng, why didn't you kneel and show your respect? Luckily there weren't any outsiders in this remote place. Otherwise, people would start condemning you for being disrespectful."

"It was too stunning that I forgot," answered Gu Xijiu, calmly.

The reason sounded valid, as the women would usually be stunned at the sight of Di Fuyi that they would forget to kneel.

Long Moyan looked at her perplexedly and wondered why a beautiful lady like her would make the same common mistake, "Chong Sheng, you…"

"Alright, the show’s over. I’m famished so let’s eat! Let’s eat!" Gu Xijiu turned around and walked towards the igloo, getting ready to eat.

The alchemy of these 34 herbs was not an easy task, as one could only harvest two at a time. Subtracting the four herbs that were given to the sisters, the remaining 30 herbs were all processed by Gu Xijiu. It was slightly more relaxed when the sisters finally came in to help speed up the process. Nonetheless, the entire process had taken half a day to complete.

After the process, Gu Xijiu distributed 50 grade-four pills, together with one grade-five pill, to Long Moyan according to the success rate of the alchemy. Long Moyan was delighted with the unexpectedly good outcome. If he were to let the sisters perform the alchemy, his 14 herbs would probably produce 14 grade-four pills only. He had now achieved more than double of his initial expectation. It was far beyond what he had antic.i.p.ated!

As for the others, they were not ent.i.tled to share the pills as Long Moyan had already paid them enough silver for accompanying him on the trip. However, Gu Xijiu insisted on distributing the pills that were grade-three and below to them as a token of appreciation.

One must know that the pills that were extracted from Ice Shura Flowers were incredibly precious, even a grade-one pill was too scarce to meet the demands of the market. One pill would easily cost 10,000 pieces of gold.

These bounty hunters carried on with their work rain or shine all year round. They even had to visit dangerous places with malaria very often just to get their work done. Without a doubt, they must be yearning for these pills that could fight malaria. Receiving such a generous portion made them elated.

Without further explanation, Shan Qing had offered Gu Xijiu a token that was in burgundy color. "Miss Chong Sheng, this serves as a Bounty Call, it’s capable of commanding all bounty hunters with level-five spirit power to serve you three times with absolutely no compensation. If you wish to dispatch any missions, the bounty hunters will be at your disposal."

The crowd was silent.

The Bounty Call might seem ordinary, but it was very precious. It could summon more than 10 bounty hunters to serve the commander at once. The commander was typically someone of n.o.ble character and high prestige. Once the call is made, all bounty hunters with level-five spirit power and below must obey the orders unconditionally.

One must realize the fact that the bounty hunters are arrogant and presumptuous, so they would not merely obey anybody’s orders. Their att.i.tudes were especially worse for bounty hunters with level-four spirit power and above. Sometimes, not even money could buy their service in return, let alone their complete submission to obey.

Therefore, the owners of such Bounty Call would value the command more than their own lives. One would not dispense the precious Bounty Call to others unless necessary.

Gu Xijiu had now owned the Bounty Call that even the emperor had no access to – a call that was of the highest rank. Prince Long was utterly surprised. He looked at her bewilderedly, and yet he still felt glad for her.

The bounty hunters reacted to the grant differently. One of them was very clear-cut, "Miss Chong Sheng, you can reach out to me directly at the Bounty Hut if you need to get anything done at all, I would not hesitate to lay down my life for you if necessary."

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