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Just when Gu Xijiu smiled at the thought of Di Fuyi, the alchemy furnace was done in time. She opened up the cover, only to realize that her performance was somewhat unsatisfactory this time. There was just one grade-four pill, while the rest of the medicines were either grade-one or two. There were three that could not be used! This was a typical scenario for alchemists so no one would be surprised at it.

Fortunately, Gu Xijiu did not underperform for the following of the attempts. There was even once where she yielded two grade-five pills in a single furnace. The people exclaimed with admiration at her performance. However, performing this process consumed a significant amount of her spiritual power. Hence, after a few attempts, her face went slightly pale.

It had been a long time since she started, long enough to make her hungry. Luckily, Prince Long and his followers were well prepared. There were some dishes ready to go with a drink. When the refining process was almost done, Prince Long called her out to join the meal.

Just when everyone was about to sit down, they heard the deep voice of one of the bounty hunter who was patrolling outside, "Celestial Master Zuo!" Shocked by the surprise, they looked at each other, then walked out of the igloo hurriedly and observed the sky with their heads held high.

There was snow drifting profusely towards them. Within the far-reaching skies in the shades of dark green, there was a ship coming in, as swiftly as the wind and as quickly as lightning.

The ship was in the color of sky-blue, spreading out like waves on the surface of the sea. The ship braved the winds and moved forward as if it was riding the waves on the sea.

A moving ship in the sky was an absurdity. However, if there was one person on earth who was capable of turning any strange tale into reality, it was Di Fuyi!

The ship was sailing so high in the sky that it was at least a thousand meters above the ground. The snow made it difficult for them to observe the faces on the ship, no matter how hard they tried.

Although Gu Xijiu had good eyesight, she only managed to see six people on the ship but could not distinguish their features. The ones at the sides of the ship must be the four young men and the one sitting on the ship with purple robe must be Di Fuyi. It seemed like there was also a lady in a faint-green dress, sitting opposite of him.

Prince Long and his followers were already on their knees and knelt before the ship.

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

While she was still in her daze, these people went down so quickly making her look as if she was a standing crane among the flock.

The ship was moving very quickly. It appeared in the sky for just a brief moment and then disappeared again into the abyss.

The ship had only appeared for a very brief moment, and yet it was enough to cause waves of chaotic discussions in the crowd – like a stone causing ripples on the surface of a lake.

"Celestial Master Zuo has finally come back!"

"That’s right. The lady on the ship must be Miss Yun Qingluo, right? Just as one expected, she’s been brought back. It seems like Celestial Master Zuo has successfully captured her."

"Ha! This lady is stunning! What a remarkable body!"

"Watch your mouth; there are women in our troop. Your eyes are sharp when it comes to women. You could even notice her remarkable figures from such a long distance."

There was a sigh, "Too bad we can’t see how she looks like. It was too far for us to see clearly."

"Her beauty is well known; she must have a beautiful face!"

The men on the tramp seemed to indulge in their conversations about women.

Tan Xiaoge was unimpressed, "What is it that you are focusing on? You should be concerned about her ident.i.ty as a heaven gifted disciple, not her looks."

There was a guess among the folks, "She was brought back personally by Celestial Master Zuo for the test. May I a.s.sume that she’s somewhat hopeful?"

"Exactly. I heard that when someone is sent to the Open Heaven Stage for the test, there must be a possibility for success. Otherwise, Celestial Master Zuo will only be wasting his time and energy."

"Does it mean that another heaven gifted disciple will finally be revealed?"

Long Moyan turned his head around and saw Gu Xijiu who was standing nearby, "Chong Sheng, do you think that this lady, Miss Yun Qingluo, is a heaven gifted disciple?"

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