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He was also a martial arts expert and knew that she could not do it without having at least a spiritual power of level two!

His daughter was rescued by Overlord Long for just a few days but it already had such a big improvement. The red spot on her face seemed to be lighter. It seemed like Overlord Long did give her some treatment after all. Apparently, Overlord Long was very skillful as it was a significant improvement in just a few days. Unfortunately, his daughter was caught by Celestial Master Zuo to take on the test, if not, she would have experienced a big change in just one year…

Gu Xietian grabbed his fist tightly. It was his first time meeting the handsome Celestial Master Zuo and he was not very pleased with him.

Once the person being tested was on the Open Heaven Stage, he or she was not allowed to talk to people under the stage.

Apparently, Gu Xietian knew the rule, so although he had a lot of words to say to his daughter, he did not dare utter a word.

Rong Jialuo also looked at Gu Xijiu. He was calm as always. When Gu Xijiu turned and looked at him, he smiled as though encouraging her.

The way Rong Che looked at Gu Xijiu was a bit complicated. When Gu Xijiu looked at him, he showed her an encouraging gesture.

As for Rong Chu, he was here only to gloat and even felt happy to see Gu Xijiu receive her punishment.

There was one observation station covered with mantle somewhere not far away from the Open Heaven Stage. When the mantle was fluttering, it appeared a few shadows inside the station.

This station was prepared for women from rich families and Leng Xiangyu was inside with her few daughters.

Of course, there were also a few other aristocratic ladies who came to watch.

At first, Leng Xiangyu did not want to come as she did not want to see any outsiders.

Her daughter Gu Tianqing was supposed to be the top among all these aristocratic ladies. She was pretty and talented, had a gentle character and was good at handling issues. Leng Xiangyu was proud of her daughter and she had always shown off her daughter in front of all these aristocratic ladies during their gathering.

However, no one would expect that her daughter was involved in such a big scandal, and the fact that she tortured Gu Xijiu had also spread out to the public.

Her reputation had plummeted. Even when she had met some of her close friends, they acted strangely and talked nastily to her. She was angry but she could not do anything except to not go out to meet anyone.

Moreover, her daughter Gu Tianqing was still in prison. She had been putting a lot of effort to rescue her daughter but no one wanted to help her…

Her only backbone, Gu Xietian also treated her coldly and did not want to talk to her. Of course, he did not come to her place at night too.

Although she still owned the name of Mrs General, she seemed to be living in the abandoned palace…

However, she never did reflect on her own mistakes but had put all the blame on Gu Xijiu and hated her from the bottom of her heart.

Therefore, even though she knew that she would get treated badly if she came over, she insisted to come to watch how Gu Xijiu got punished with her daughters.

Of course, she claimed that she came as she was concerned about her daughter but no one would believe her words.

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