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She stood and leaned on the railing aimlessly to watch the crowd under the station. Suddenly she was stunned and her whole body was frozen!

There was a woman in a red dress standing at the corner of the west. That woman was slim and looked graceful. She was wearing a red veiled hat to cover her face and looked like a female warrior.

There were a lot of people around her but all these people were just insignificant…

Luo Xinglan!

That woman in red had the same temperament as Luo Xinglan, even her fashion sense was the same too!

When Leng Xiangyu first met Luo Xinglan, she was already dressed like this, as though a fireball had landed beside her.

That woman in red stood idly leaning against the corner and looked at the direction of the Open Heaven Stage…

Was that her?

Was she that woman?

She was supposed to be dead after jumping off the cliff!

The cliff was so high and so deep. Under the cliff, there were raging waves and it was full of reefs.

She had lost her spiritual power at that time so how could she still be alive?

At that time, Gu Xietian a.s.signed a rescue team to search thoroughly for several days but could not find her corpse. That area was well-known for its sharks so they thought that she could be eaten by the sharks. How could she still be alive if so?

If she was still alive, she would certainly miss her son and daughter and thus, come back to visit them.

How could she leave her children to be bullied for so many years in the General’s house and did nothing?

Perhaps, it was not her, but only similar in terms of physique and temperament.

Leng Xiangyu had thousands of thoughts in her mind. Although she tried very hard to comfort herself, she had been sweating a lot.

"Mother, what’s wrong with you? Are you not feeling well?" Gu Tianyi stood beside her and asked.

After Leng Xiangyu became the official Mrs. General, all the children from other mistresses needed to call her 'mother' and called their own mother 'aunt' instead. Thus, although Gu Tianyi was not given life by her, she had to call Leng Xiangyu 'mother' all the same.

Leng Xiangyu shook her head, "I’m okay. It’s just too hot and crowded."

She used her handkerchief to wipe her sweat and secretly looked toward that direction again. She was stunned for a moment.

That woman in red was gone!

Was she being pushed somewhere else by the jostling crowd?

Leng Xiangyu tried to search for the woman in the crowd but she never found her…

She did not give up and when she wanted to search again, she heard some noises in the nearby surroundings. Someone even shouted in surprise, "My G.o.d! The Overlords of Jiuxing clan and Yinyang clan are here!"

Leng Xiangyu rose her head to see. Of course, the rest of the people also rose to take a look.

There were two rides in the sky.

One was coming from the south and another was from the north.

The ride from the south was a red carriage with a red flamingo pulling it. The disciples that came along were all wearing green uniforms embroidered with stars.

On the other hand, the ride from the north was a white carriage and what pulled the car was a silver flying beast. The disciples that came along were all females donning white dresses like angels.

Everyone who lived in this continent would definitely recognize them.

The owner of the red carriage was the Overlord of Jiuxing clan, while the owner of the white carriage was the Overlord of Yinyang clan.

Both carriages stopped at the same time and when the curtain opened, two people alighted.

The person who came out from the red carriage was a man dressed in a red robe with a furious mask. He looked tall and strong.

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