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Apparently, those few ladies came from a rather famous clan. They were discussing happily but was full of sarcasm.

"If she were to be tested as a fake heaven gift disciple by Celestial Master Zuo in the eyes of the public, how can she still live in this world?" Someone at the next table sighed.

"Yes. People who fake being heaven gift disciples will be sent into the Dark Forest. I heard that the Crown Prince went into the Dark Forest for an adventure but he could only reach the third peak.

He is so capable but still returned with injuries. Miss Gu Xijiu has a weak physique and has no spirit power. I am afraid that she will not be able to last the moment she enters the Dark Forest."

"It is such a waste of her medical talent…"

Di Fuyi listened a moment and looked at the table with the female knights. He played with the gla.s.s on his hand and looked at Gu Xijiu, "Do you still want to test this in public?"

Gu Xijiu raised her eyebrow, "Why not?"

"I have told you that I will not be lenient with the rules for you."

"You just need to be fair."

She then laughed, "The public test has been spread to the entire kingdom and there are so many people who come just to watch it. Can you still take back your word?"

"Why not? I am not accountable to him. If you are feeling regretful…"

"I don’t regret!" Gu Xijiu said only three words. She would find a way out of the impa.s.ses.

Di Fuyi remained silent. His face was dimmed.

In fact, everyone was discussing the same thing. Some of them were here just for fun, some were curious, some were here just to gloat…

Although everyone had a different mentality, most of the people were not optimistic about the results of the test.


When it was close to noon, Di Fuyi’s ride slowly appeared in the sky and the Open Heaven Stage was officially opened.

Under the stage, it was packed with a jostling audience and everyone was waiting to watch the test.

Although it had been several days since the last time, it seemed to be a continuation of that day.

Gu Xijiu was standing next to Di Fuyi. She looked at the Open Heaven Stage and the packed audience. She could not help but feel inferior.

The time seemed to have turned back and she had been running back to square one after all.

However, there were also some differences. Before she escaped, she was a stranger to Celestial Master Zuo. And now that she had established some sort of friendship with him, at least she knew that he would do things fairly.

Another big difference was that before she escaped, she had no spiritual power, but now, she already possessed it.

Although this spiritual power was not strong, it should not be a problem for her to jump down from the boat.

Therefore, the crowd who had been waiting for long had just witnessed a miracle.

They thought that the supposedly-weak Gu Xijiu would not successfully jump down from the boat, was at five to six-story height to the Open Heaven Stage.

The noisy crowd immediately became quiet after they saw it.

The Emperor of Feixing Kingdom was here with his government officials. They were all sitting on the observation platform which was very near the Open Heaven Stage, thus they could see the changes on the stage clearly.

Of course, Gu Xijiu who stood on the Open Heaven Stage could see everyone clearly too.

The Emperor, Crown Prince (Rong Jialuo), Eighth Prince (Rong Che), Fourth Prince (Rong Chu) were all present. She could recognize a lot of familiar faces.

Of course, Gu Xietian was among them.

It had been just a few days and he looked a lot older now. There were additional grey hairs on his head and wrinkles on his face.

Ever since the boat appeared in the sky, his eyes had been tightly affixed on her and he was surprised when he saw her jumping off the boat without the help from any external force.

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