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It was very noisy when the crowd began to grow. Everyone who had their meal here was discussing only one thing, which was whether Gu Xijiu was a heaven gift disciple.

Although Gu Xijiu had recently created many miracles, she was also very famous with her ugly face and weak physique. Therefore, everyone was still very skeptical about the claim that she was a heaven gift disciple.

"How did you all think Miss Gu escaped that day?" There was one person who asked for a different viewpoint.

"I heard that she did not escape on her own but was kidnapped by Overlord Long… and I also heard that she was caught by Celestial Master Zuo personally from Tianwen Mountain." There was one person who received the news accurately.

"It's strange. Overlord Long had always been isolated from the world. Why would he want to kidnap this little girl at this time?"

"Perhaps it was because he admires Gu Xijiu's talent."

"It’s impossible! There are so many medical talents in this world who could only dream of being his apprentice but he has been rejecting them cruelly. I heard that he does not accept any apprentices anymore. The Tianwen saint (a.k.a Gu Xixi) had also become his apprentice by chance… It is almost impossible for him to risk his life and commit such a crime to kidnap the person who is receiving the heaven gift test."

"Is it possible that Overlord Long fell in love with Miss Gu?" One of the people asked without further thoughts.

Someone burst into laughter, "How could it possible? Although Miss Gu is quite talented in the medical line, she is ugly and the big red spot on her face is frightening. How can Overlord Long fall in love with her? It does not make any sense."

The crowd laughed together and agreed with this statement.

"Sweetheart, are you hurt listening to all these words?’ Behind a wind shade, Gu Xijiu and Di Fuyi were sitting and facing each other. There were several dishes in front of them.

Gu Xijiu was wearing green clothes with a cap and looked like a student who was on a field trip, while Di Fuyi was wearing a pale white robe like a hidden master.

Gu Xijiu suspected that Celestial Master Zuo had cast a spell because they came into the restaurant with their original appearance, but no one had even noticed them.

Gu Xijiu took a sip of water and was expressionless, "There is nothing for me to feel hurt about." It was just a rumor that she did not care at all.

Di Fuyi did not speak.

They were sitting on the third floor. There were quite a lot of people sitting on the same floor too.

There was even a table of people who dressed like a female knight.

Their discussion was the most intense and straightforward one.

"How high is the possibility that Gu Xijiu is a heaven gift disciple?"

"Zero! How can a person with such a weak physique be a heaven gift disciple?" A beautiful lady said with disdain.

"I think it's impossible. After all, the other five heaven gift disciples are leading personalities in this continent. Each of them is a talent among talents with very high spiritual power. How can a person with a weak physique rank equally as them? It must be a joke!"

"I agree. This little girl must be bragging after basking in the fame. It is so ridiculous!"

"The bragging is too much this time. She is only a homegrown farm chicken, thinking of herself as a phoenix after growing a few colorful feathers on her body."


"We are so talented but we never claim ourselves as heaven gifts. How dare she! Let's wait for the moment when she is embarra.s.sed. It must be fun!"

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