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In order to carry Gu Xijiu back, Long Siye had put in a lot of effort. He did not only deploy all his spies, he had also sent out all his tracking birds.

After he found Gu Xijiu, he was afraid that Di Fuyi would come after them. Thus, he secretly ordered his disciples to continue searching at Feixing Kingdom. Besides, he even got himself a subst.i.tute to act like he was still searching while sitting in the wagon like he usually did.

Clearly, he had to wipe away all traces of his breath along the route. If he did not meet Di Fuyi face-to-face, Di Fuyi would definitely not be able to find him otherwise!

After all, Di Fuyi was very mysterious and his characteristics were also unpredictable. Even Long Siye had headaches when dealing with him, hence, he had to act very carefully.

As he had finally gotten back to his own place safely, he naturally heaved a sigh of relief.

When he was about to go near Tianwen Mountain, he finally revealed himself.

When the four patrolling disciples saw him, they came to welcome him and saluted while sitting on the back of their cranes, "Welcome back, overlord."

Then, they saw the weak boy that had been embraced by their overlord…

Everyone widened their eyes!

Their overlord was unexpectedly, unexpectedly, hugging somebody!

He had always dislike people to go near him, didn't he?

He did not even physically come into contact with anyone when teaching his disciples. Unless it was an important surgery, he would not want to touch anyone.

This time…this time, he actually carried back a youth himself!

He even did not release him in front of his disciples.

What was actually happening?

"Overlord, who is this?" One of the disciple asked courageously.

"My fiancé." Soon after Long Siye dropped the bomb, he flew back to his Xianzhu Peak.


The four disciples were very shocked…

Long Siye also warned his disciples before he left, "Please do keep it as a secret for the time being and do not spread the news!"

Therefore, after the four disciples were bombarded with the news, they had to force themselves to keep quiet…


An azure building was built on a hill.

The left side of the hill was a lake, while the right side was the medicinal garden filled with numerous rare medical plants and the atmosphere filled the smell of medicine.

The building was five floors high, had overhung eaves and bucket arches, and light silver wind-bells hanging on eight corners. When the wind blew, they jingled.

The lake water was clear and its area was large. A pavilion was seen at the middle of the lake and the whitish curtain was hanging and fluttering in the breeze like the clouds were.

Meanwhile, the cranes were seen dancing in the lake and the field.

What a heavenly place!

The place was exactly the same as the heavenly place depicted in legends or dreams!

"Xijiu, what do you think of this place?" In a small pavilion, Long Siye was embracing Gu Xijiu while sitting and overlooking the lake view.

"It’s quite beautiful." Gu Xijiu finally spat out three words.

"Do you like it? You used to say that you want to hide yourself when you are no longer a killer. You said that you want to purchase a hilly area, build a little building, rear some chickens and ducks, plant some medicinal plants and tea, as well as enjoy the lifestyle similar to the immortals…Since I had established the Tianwen clan, I’ve been decorating this place, wishing that you could see all these when you’re back…"

"When I’m back?" Gu Xijiu repeated, with her eyebrows raised.

"Xijiu, you used to say that where I am is where your heart returns to; your happy home. I got here and you’re now here too. I think the heavens are somehow kind to us…"

Gu Xijiu looked downwards and said nothing but her heart smiled a bitter smile instead.

Though she was an indifferent person, she did not really like the heavenly place so much. It was because Long Xi always yearned for it, she complied…

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