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As he saw Long Siye bending down to carry a futon, he was shocked that he hit Long Siye with his palm, "Don’t move!"

He actually did not expect that he could hit Long Siye. After all Long Siye was much better than he was!

He thought that Long Siye would have easily avoided his. .h.i.t.

But he had not expected that Overlord Long would end up stupefied and staggered instead.

That follower, "…"

Could this Overlord Long be not the genuine one?!

Then, he looked at that futon and was stunned too!

That futon had been opened and a chump could be seen…

That chump was actually just a wood stake with a human face drawn on it. And the size was similar to the body size of Gu Xijiu. It was giggling while lying there. Its mouth was big with the corners of its lips raised, as if it was sneering at something.

So the person being thrown into his wagon by Celestial Master Zuo was a chump and it managed to trick Overlord Long to track down this wagon…

"Di Fuyi!" Long Siye grasped his fingers tightly!

With anger, he was surrounded by an intimidating aura and was so strong that it triggered tingling limbs that he almost knelt down.

After all, he was the follower of Celestial Master Zuo. Therefore, even when he was almost kneeling, he forced himself to stand up straight!

Luckily, Long Siye did not take it out on him. Instead, he flicked his sleeves and disappeared directly from the wagon, reappeared on the back of the crane and left.

That follower was still in a state of shock and wiped away the cold sweat which broke out on his forehead. It seemed that Overlord Long was extremely enraged.

It was known that Overlord Long was polite and very patient. But it seemed to be untrue as he was so outraged just because he had gotten the wrong wagon.

The follower continued driving the wagon deep in thoughts and his sudden logic shocked himself!

Could it be…

Could it be that there was something happening between Overlord Long and their master?!

Their master shifted his love towards that ball-like squire, which triggered the jealousy and anger of Overlord Long. Therefore, he was here to kill…

That follower was really good with mind a.s.sociation that he immediately conjured a series of loving and murderous shows.


When Gu Xijiu woke up, she realized that she was lying on a big-sized bed.

With the gorgeous big-sized bed and curtain she saw when she looked around, she found out that she was in a luxurious room. The decoration in the room was delicate and glittery too.

Where was I?

The situation in the wagon had flashed through her mind!

She jumped out from the bed and subconsciously, she looked at herself and realized that she was still in the shape of that ball-like squire. Even the robe on her body was not changed, it was still that sparkling robe…

A bronze mirror was seen on the table. She took up and looked into the mirror where she saw her fat face.

She heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed that the perverse celestial master did not recklessly try to solve her Facial Disguise Technique when she was still fainting.

She also checked on her body internal power and fortunately, it was still there.

She slightly closed her eyes and teleported again…

"Bang!" Her body slammed into the door!

Fortunately, she was good with her stability, so she could stabilize herself well after two steps of retreating.

Her teleportation was not limited by s.p.a.ce and she could not be blocked by any wall, but why couldn't she do it this time round?

When Gu Xijiu wanted to check on how odd that door was, it was suddenly pushed open and a girl with dark, long and straight hair entered. She grinned, "Sir, you’ve woken up, haven’t you? Would you like to have a cup of tea? Would you like to wash yourself?"

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