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Sir? It seemed that the girl knew nothing about her ident.i.ty.

Gu Xijiu slightly nodded her head and inquired with a manly voice, "Where’s this place?"

"Sir, this is Fucang Palace. And this is the guest room that the celestial master had specially prepared for you." The voice of the girl was cleared.

Fucang Palace?!

The old nest of that pervert, Celestial Master Zuo?!

Gu Xijiu repeated the sentence, "Specially prepared for me?"

"Yes, sir. Celestial master had carried you down the wagon himself and ordered people to decorate this place according to your preferred style before he put you here. Look around sir, do you like it?"

The corners of Gu Xijiu’s lips slightly curved upwards!

The style that she liked? When did she start to like this kind of interior decoration?

She inadvertently lowered her head and saw her robe, hence, she understood!

The decoration was similar to her robe, which was very sparkling, like an upstart…

She absolutely did not understand the true purpose of Celestial Master Zuo behind doing it.

With such little clues, her a.s.sumptions might be deviated from the truth if she simply speculated.

Therefore, Gu Xijiu had just ignored it.

She talked a little bit more to the girl and got to know that her name was Mo Yuyan, a servant of Fucang Palace who was specially sent by Celestial Master Zuo to serve her.

She had been sleeping for one whole night. Besides, according to Mo Yuyan, she had a good sleep, as she had not even tossed or turned.

As for Celestial Master Zuo, after he sent her into the house and ordered people to take good care of her, he had no longer returned.

Mo Yuyan was not only working dextrously, she was talkative too. She could help Gu Xijiu in preparing the toiletries while talking to her, simultaneously.

Gu Xijiu got to know a lot of things from her. For example, though this Fucang Palace was the mansion of Celestial Master Zuo, but he rarely lived in it. It would be good enough for him to experience it for about three to five nights.

There were many young girls and young boys serving in Fucang Palace and everyone was not only proficient, but also geniuses of Feixing Kingdom. Some were even n.o.bles.

As Celestial Master Zuo was usually not around, they were rather free and at leisure. On a condition that they obeyed the rules, their life would be rather free and easy.

Furthermore, Celestial Master Zuo did not mistreat his fellow followers and treated them kindly. They would not have to worry about their daily lives, and they were able to learn from many well-known instructors.

More importantly, Celestial Master Zuo would give them some suggestions that benefited them a lot when he was happy.

As Gu Xijiu listened, she felt that this girl described Celestial Master Zuo like he was a living Buddha.

Therefore, she just laughed at these comments.

After all, she had experienced how perverse he was, and thus, it was definitely a lie if he was regarded as a living Buddha!

Besides, she had seen Celestial Master Zuo punishing someone in the pool before, with her very own eyes!

Mo Yuyan appeared to be innocent and lively, but how could she have such characteristics while working for the pervert, Celestial Master Zuo?

Without a doubt, Gu Xijiu did not go against this girl, as she just wanted to obtain the information she wanted.

Mo Yuyan had also told her about the rules. If she obeyed the rules, she could live here comfortably or receive severe punishment if she had behaved otherwise!

Gu Xijiu felt that the girl had said it on purpose, to prevent her from causing trouble.

Gu Xijiu kept silent for a moment before she asked, "Did Celestial Master Zuo leave me any message?"

"Be good and don’t think of escaping. You can’t escape after all." That girl said.

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