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The followers were also wondering if Celestial Master Zuo was gay, hence carrying that squire and sitting with him in the same wagon.

And when they saw the belt being thrown out, they were seriously surprised.

Was he gay?!

The celestial master was indeed gay!

Even if he was really h.o.m.os.e.xual, his aesthetic standards were indeed strange.

Would it because the celestial master was too good looking that his esthetic standard had varied?

Celestial Master Zuo had sixteen wagons following him and his followers were highly efficient that the twelve wagons spread out towards twelve different directions in just a while.

While they were travelling quickly, one of the wagons suddenly became heavy as if there was an extra person in the wagon.

He was shocked, but before he could react, the voice of Celestial Master Zuo was directed to his ears, "Don’t turn back, just continue according to the arranged route! Protect the person in the wagon, and drive stably so that she’s not injured."

That follower was slightly shocked. It seemed that Celestial Master Zuo had shifted the person into his wagon…

He definitely did according to the order of the celestial master. As he was well-trained, he whipped so that his wagon continued to go forward, towards the direction of Fucang Palace.

As he travelled about 3.5 kilometers, there was a flash and he saw a person riding on a white crane, blocking his path.

The follower was shocked!

He was the Tianwen Overlord, Long Siye!

He was as famous as their celestial master and his kungfu was also good, but what was his intentions behind blocking the way?

"Who’s in the wagon?" Long Siye spoke directly.

The follower had a bad feeling, as the Tianwen Overlord had come for the person in the wagon!

And the celestial master ordered him to protect the person inside…

It was odd that the Tianwen Overlord would target this wagon, as the master had sent out so many cars going towards different directions.

He held the whip tighter in his hand, "Overlord Long, this is the wagon of the follower of Celestial Master Zuo and there’s n.o.body in it…"

"Someone’s in your wagon." Long Siye said indifferently, but sharply, "The person in your wagon was not tall, about five feet tall and weighed about 72…" He reported a series of numbers.

That follower, "…" The numbers which the Tianwen Overlord reported had matched that ball-like, fat squire!

Other than the fat, what he said was indeed correct!

Did Tianwen Long guess it or did he see it for himself?

"Don’t you dare think of lying to me. Though the twelve wagons of yours are going towards different directions, I can still identify how many people there are in the wagons." Long Siye spoke indifferently.

Overlord Long could actually see such a subtle difference!

He was indeed a great master!

The follower felt uneasy, as he knew that he could not deny any further, hence, he secretly took a breath and said, "Can’t somebody be sitting in the wagon? He is the guest of our celestial master after all. Furthermore, the celestial master had ordered me to send him back to Fucang Palace…I’m on a mission now, good bye!"

He whipped and the Winged Lion howled and flew upwards…

The speed of the Winged Lion was fast but the movement of Long Siye was even faster!

n.o.body could see how he moved but with a flash of a silhouette, an extra person was seen in front of the wagon.

"Sorry! I’d have to bring her away today!" The indifferent voice of Long Siye sounded determined. He quickly bypa.s.sed the follower who was blocking his way and hit the door of the wagon open with his palm! Then, he rushed in…

"Hey, you mustn’t…" The follower was shocked that he rushed in subconsciously.

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