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It would be easier for her to disguise herself when the birthmark was gone! At least, she no longer had to disguise or tan herself.


For safety purposes, she has been teleporting the entire night and managed to escape to Qingmu City, which was about 300 kilometers away.


Qingmu City was the second largest city in the Feixing Kingdom. Although it was not as well developed as the capital, it was quite a famous place in the country.

The streets were broad and the buildings were as packed as the scales on a fish's body!

Of course, the scenery was spectacular and the architectures were beautifully vintage-like.

There was a well-known attraction in Qingmu City, named the Ecstasy House!

Ecstasy House was not the residence of any royal family but rather, a famous brothel. The reason it was named Ecstasy House came from the fact that the building was a private mansion owned by the royal family member of the previous dynasty.

The royal family of the previous dynasty was gone after the revolution and hence, the private mansion had been auctioned off, turning into a brothel today...

Therefore, the Ecstasy House was different from the other brothels; it was a premium brothel with an amazing quality of prost.i.tutes. Besides, all the prost.i.tutes were talented in playing music, chess, calligraphy, painting and they were very well versed with all types of music and songs.

Even the cheapest prost.i.tute would cost a hundred dollars, but that would only include drinks with the guest. However, if the guest wanted her company overnight, he would need to pay 2000 dollars instead...

While the most well-known prost.i.tute would not just attend to any customer, given that those men were willing to pay a high price, they still need to seek permission from the prost.i.tute herself...

The top prost.i.tute in the Ecstasy House was Liu Qiandai - her appearance was as beautiful as her name.

Liu Qiandai was a cool beauty. Rumor had it that she did not merely smile, but when she smiled, all the men would fall for her and she was attractive enough to get her hands on all their money...

Besides that, the cool beauty smelled delightful; with a special fragrance which could rapidly heighten heartbeat rates.

She was very arrogant and did not just attend to any customers. Even if the princes came, she would not even bother to greet them if she did not feel like it.

The well-known prost.i.tutes in the Ecstasy House, respectively had their own courtyard. They would light up the lantern outside their courtyard when they needed to attend to their guests.

While Liu Qiandai was the top prost.i.tute, she owned a very big courtyard with good quality of furniture and displays.

Hers was named Anxiang Court, and there was a colorful lantern outside her courtyard. In other words, she had a special guest tonight and she was serving him glamorously...

All the customers who pa.s.sed by were curious of who had the privilege to see Miss Liu.


The courtyard was huge, and no matter how hard the customers tried to peep, they could not see anything but could only hear music from the room.


Miss Liu was playing the zither! She did not always play the zither!

Even Rong Chu got rejected by her when he invited her to play for him!

Who was the guest in her room!?

The customers were extremely curious about that!

That man must be quite an amazing person as he could get her to play the zither!


At the moment, everything in Liu Qiandai's room were high-quality items.

With the moonlight color of the bed drapes with black and white furniture, everything was a perfect match for her.

The only imperfection was the huge bathtub right at the center.

There was a thick layer of steam rising from the bathtub.

Gu Xijiu was sitting in the bathtub with a lot of petals floating on the surface of the water. The water temperature was just perfect for her.

She was enjoying the long bath with her eyes closed. She felt comfortable after a long night of escape!

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