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The four teenagers did not speak a word, they almost cried and immediately knelt on the ground, "We are really sorry, Master!"


Di Fuyi raised his sleeve and there were a few nice folding stools arranged on the sh.o.r.e nicely. His voice was gentle and said, "Here you go, one for each of you. Sit down and use the detoxification technique I taught you before. Submit a report regarding your experience of being poisoned to me three days later." He disappeared instantly after he finished talking.

The four teenagers remained silent. They looked at the folding stool and then looked towards their surroundings.

It was breezy on the sh.o.r.e with such a beautiful scenery. However, the four of them needed to sit there to feed the mosquitoes for three days...


That would be extremely embarra.s.sing if people saw them.


"Hey, don’t worry. We’ve cleared this place and no one would come here. Focus on your detoxification activity." Four ladies flew from afar; they were those girls who played with the ribbons on the cruise.

The four ladies were smiling but they were actually making fun of their misfortune!

The leader of the group of ladies said, "My dear seniors, are you still able to stand up? Do you need us to help you to get onto the folding stool? Master had told us that you shouldn’t simply use your spirit power, otherwise, you would probably become the eunuchs."

The four teenagers were mad and speechless. However, they did not dare to delay their detoxification but quickly got onto the folding stool.

Mu Feng was still worried, "We are all here... What if master needs us? Can one of you stay here and the rest stay with the master instead?"

The female leader laughed and said, "Thanks for your concern but we have made some arrangements. You just need to focus on detoxification." She then sighed, "This is the first time our Master had gotten insulted this way, I’m really curious about this girl…"

The four teenagers remained silent, but they really wished to have a look as well!

It was rare for their master to have such a huge interest in someone.


However, this crazy girl has insulted The Lord. He was not sure how he would punish her.


Gu Xijiu had a plan for it when she left via teleportation.

The fact that she got the talent as heaven's gift, was a disaster!

The Emperor was looking for her, Celestial Master Zuo was searching for her, and even Long Siye would not give up...

She could no longer stay in Feixing Kingdom. She was thinking of traveling to another two neighboring countries to experience a different culture as well as to avoid trouble.

Amongst all those people who were chasing after her, Celestial Master Zuo was the one she found most annoying!


He was too powerful to the extent where she could not compete with him but leave for the sake of good. It was best to hide somewhere else for a few years and practice her Kung Fu properly.

Based on the speed of her training, she could definitely become an expert in two years. Even though she did not have any spiritual talent, she would possess great internal force! She would be a superstar with her teleportation technique and a powerful internal force!

Also, the engagement between her and Celestial Master Zuo would be invalid automatically after two years, and she would then return to her single life!

She wanted to have her say on the marriage!

Besides, she did not want to marry anyone - she preferred to be single and be free!

Of course, she would find the medicine for her birthmark. In fact, she had very nice features; her skin would be smooth and soft if she had consumed good herbs. It was almost certain that she would definitely be a beautiful lady once the birthmark was gone!


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