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Gu Xijiu paused, "The person who came just now… looked like him."

Although she had her eyes closed, she was awake when the person came in.

She was very alert. She knew that she had lost the ability to teleport to protect herself, whilst this person could come in without the guards outside noticing. Apparently, he had to be very powerful in martial arts.

If he was really against her, she might not have any choice but shout for help.

Hence, she could only maintain the scenario of pretending to be asleep and waited to see what this person wanted to do.

She was very good at pretending to sleep, thus no one could tell that she was actually awake.

When the man opened her drapes, she smelled a very light herbal scent -

She was very familiar with this herbal scent. It was the scent on that man’s body; the scent of Long Xi.

Before this, she would feel relaxed when she caught a whiff of this scent, but now, she felt tense and afraid.

Fortunately, even if she was tense, her body did not look like she was nervous, otherwise, she would not be able to pretend to be asleep this well.

Actually, she wanted to open her eyes to see if this person was Long Xi. However, the aura on his body was too strong so she was afraid that she would be killed if she made any abrupt movements.

Nonetheless, the scent was not exactly the same like Long Xi's. He had another strange aura on him. It was a bit cold, one that could send chills down anyone's spine.

Therefore, she did not have a chance to see his face.

The Firmament Stone seemed to be in disbelief, "You mean that person was Long Xi? How did you know if you didn't get to see his face?"

"I did not say he was Long Xi. I'm just saying that he smelled like him." She had never smelled such a similar scent on another person.

The Firmament Stone seemed to be a bit relieved, "You mean the scent on his body? Those elders in the Tianwen Clan always had this type of scent on their bodies. It might be due to the fact that they have been producing medicine and pills all year long."

"Is he from the Tianwen Clan? Who is he?"

"The leader of Tianwen Clan, Long Siye, I thought he came here to seek revenge for his disciples so I wanted to wake you up to quickly escape. However, I didn't know that you were so calm and able to pretend to sleep for so long."

Long Siye was the one who came!

Gu Xijiu was a little bit surprised. She heard that this leader did not easily come out from his place, sometimes not even once in three to five years. Why would he suddenly drop by her place and go straight into her bedroom? Did he really come to avenge his disciples?

Could it that he was the reincarnation of Long Xi and came to testify this, after hearing about her story?

But the age did not tally.

"Firmament, do you think it is possible that Long Xi had pa.s.sed through to this generation and possessed the body of Long Siye?"

The Firmament Stone firmly denied, "It is impossible! In order to possess the body, it has to be a body with a very weak spirit, and the original owner had to be someone who does not want to live in this world anymore. For example, you have a much stronger spirit than the original Gu Xijiu, and the original owner was also not willing to be alive anymore, only then would you be able to possess the body successfully. Even so, you have to help her take revenge to calm her grievance before you can be in complete in control of this body.

As for Long Siye, he is the leader of the Tianwen Clan. He is someone who is extremely mysterious. He is not only an expert in medical skills but has a very unpredictable ability. Some people say that he is almost as powerful as G.o.d and might be able to be at the same level as the most powerful guy in this continent – The Lord. How can such a powerful body be possessed by an ordinary human spirit? It is totally impossible!"

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