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The Firmament Stone left her wrist and hovered in front of her, as if observing her expression, "Were you in love with him?"

Gu Xijiu lied on the bed, looked up at the canopy, and softly said, "I think so. I didn’t trust anyone else, as much as I trusted him. I told him all my secrets and I did not need to be vigil when he was around…"

The Firmament Stone said, "This was simply a tragedy…"

"Yes, it was a tragedy. I always thought that he liked me too, or else he would not be taking care of me so well. Every time I encountered any danger, he would fall from the sky like a knight and hug me in his arms, telling me not to be afraid, as he was there for me…"

She paused for a while and then continued, "Although I did not need his help most of the time, and sometimes he even alerted the enemy of his sudden arrival, I still liked the feeling of being taken care of. I thought he would be the love of my life. I never expected that…"

"That day I went for a coffee date with him and planned to propose to him. He had a cold temper so I thought that waiting for him to propose would take forever. Since we loved each other, it wouldn't matter who proposed. Haha, I was so innocent back then. I never knew that he already had a fiancé and didn't even know that he planned a scheme against me. I drank the coffee that he prepared for me… When the drugs started to kick in, he called his fiancé out from the other room and told me that I was a clone. His fiancé needed my heart to save her life…"

Tonight, Gu Xijiu seemed to be very open and voiced out all the secrets buried deep inside her heart.

But her voice had always been very calm. It was apparently a very tragic thing but she retold it, as if she was telling someone else's story.

"And then?" The Firmament Stone could not wait to ask.

"The story after this was very simple. I had an antibody to the anesthetic. Although Long Xi had injected me with an anesthetic, I only knocked out for an hour. When I was awake the operation was already in progress and the surgeon was Long Xi. He never expected that I would wake up midway, so he panicked and told me not to worry, as he wouldn't let me die. He told me that he had prepared a heart in exchange for mine. Oh yeah, he also promised that he would marry me…"

The Firmament Stone was angry, "He could still lie at this point?! What happened next?"

"Nothing much. I killed him when he was not paying attention. I also ripped off my heart. At the time, my chest had already been opened and the heart was about to be taken out. I did not want to let other people use my heart so I destroyed it by myself…"

What a tragic ending.

The Firmament Stone remained silent.

After a while, it asked, "You could still kill him at that vert moment. You were indeed very skillful. Are you sure that he was already dead?"

Gu Xijiu replied, "I think so. I pierced through where his heart was and he might not have enough time to get a healthy heart to replace it, so I bet he had been killed."

"Do you hate him?"

Gu Xijiu put her hands behind her head. She closed her eyes and said softly, "No. At the time when I killed him, I had settled all the hatred I had against him. I did not owe him and he did not owe me anymore."

Yes, she did not hate him, but she could no longer believe in love.

"Master, why you are suddenly reminiscing about him?" The Firmament Stone asked.

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