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Chapter 116: That Girl Before Them Was Nowhere As Meek?!

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation


Celestial Master You had agreed!

Everyone present hung their jaws so low that their mouth was wide enough to fit a whole egg. Even Gu Xixi gawked at the surprising news.

Rong Chu had to catch his breath before letting out a scoff, "It seems to me that brother prince is close to the Master You recently. Both of you were even having tea together in an auction house a few days ago…"

Rong Jialuo replied impa.s.sively, "You are too kind."

Gu Xijiu was stirred, as it turned out, it was the Master You that Rong Jialuo was having tea within the private room of the auction house that day.

That man was a real mystery; he did not even show his face the entire time. The fact that he was having tea with Rong Jialuo, did it mean that he would agree that Rong Jialuo was the heir?

Gu Xijiu thought as much, and naturally so did Gu Xietian and all the old government officials. They felt disturbed…

Wan Xing Lou was a cla.s.sy restaurant. Its layout was both elegant and exotic. Its first floor was used to serve ordinary customers, its second floor was for serving talented individuals, while its third floor was an al fresco platform.

The platform had a dinette set. Rumor had it that Master You would occasionally come here for tea and stargazing.

Suffice to say, it was his personal lot. Without his permission, no one was allowed to enter this place.

A formerly quiet spot was filled with the hustle and bustle of the crowd.

It was unprecedentedly crowded!

Rong Chu, Rong Yan, Gu Xixi and all the relatives from the Gu family arrived together.

Rong Jialuo put on a robe and hurried there, together with Eighth Prince Rong Che and even the emperor…

The emperor even brought the two most famous royal doctors from Tianxing Kingdom and a Privy Council that were responsible for collecting all the intelligence worldwide. Both the royal doctor and Mr. Pei were requested by Gu Xijiu.

One could not deny the efficiency of Rong Jialuo, as he managed to invite all the requested figures in such a short time.

Needless to say, the emperor came along by accident. Rumor had it that the emperor was over at Mr. Pei's house while performing a clandestine investigation. And once he caught the news, he immediately made haste for the restaurant.

The restaurant was crowded, so the waiter had to continuously add a lot of chairs, before all the guests could have a seat.

The emperor had snitches everywhere and was therefore exceptionally efficient in gathering information. He already knew that Gu Xijiu was betting with Tianwen Saint a.k.a Gu Xixi. Now he was focusing on Gu Xijiu, and trying to get the bottom of it.

Although she was married to his son, he had not met her. He merely heard from the grapevine that she was incompetent and ugly. He even heard that she was afraid of meeting strangers, and would be reduced to a stammering fool when she met one. She was worthless to no end.

When he learned all of that, he felt guilty, that a fiery and s.e.xy Luo Xinglan had given birth to such a defective daughter. He felt slightly remorseful for his twelfth prince too.

He already equated Gu Xijiu with ugliness, feebleness, and worthlessness.

When he was informed that she was bold enough to bet with Gu Xixi, he was utterly shocked and was astonished.

Now that he had caught the appearance of Gu Xijiu herself, he sized her up a moment and gave Mr. Pei a piercing stare. The information provided by them was absurdly wrong!

That girl before him was nowhere near as meek?!

Gu Xijiu seated quietly. No anxiety was plastered on her face. She was so calm, that it was as if she was here for tea.

She was even fiddling with a silver teaspoon. The teaspoon was spinning at her fingertips. Was she bored from the looks of it?

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