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Chapter 115: Who Do You Have In Mind Then?

Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation  Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Such a gamble was ridiculously huge, although each of them had their own intentions, all of them were sweating all over from nervousness.

Gu Xietian clenched his fist. Although he admired his daughter's courage, he was worried about her safety even more.

There were so many witnesses present, if his daughter had lost the bet. Would the punishment be too miserable to bear?

Even if his daughter was reasonable, they could try to deny it.

No matter how he viewed it, his daughter’s chances of winning was negligible!

He was so nervous that droplets of sweat were bubbling from his head.

"Alright, since the bet has been set, Sixth Lady of Gu, could you now present your reasoning?!" Rong Chu hurried.

On the other hand, Gu Xijiu was not hasty. She sat down on a chair, "Why the hurry? Since the bet is so huge, we would need a neutral third party as witness."

Rong Chu was burning with rage, "You are telling me that none of us here are eligible to be a witness?!"

Gu Xijiu casually knocked on the table, "A witness has to be neutral towards both sides." She glanced around the crowd, "Whereas everyone present is either my relatives or yours. Only Aunty Gu is a third party here, but she is also the initiator, so naturally, she is not eligible to be a witness."

Rong Chu was visibly enraged. That ugly little girl in front of him was outrageously brazen!

"Who you have in mind then?"

Gu Xijiu turned to Rong Jialuo, "My prince, which figure in our kingdom is the fairest, and does not fear power nor any sects?"

Rong Jialuo shot a glance at her, and answered almost without a thought, "Celestial Master You & Zuo would fit your criteria."

Rong Chu sneered, "Do you honestly think that the Celestial Masters would accept your request so easily? They are not even afraid of the emperor's authority. Even if father emperor wants to meet him, he has to do so in a highly sincere manner. How can such ranking officials agree to be witnesses of such frivolous matters?"

Rong Jialuo replied calmly, "I can try to invite Celestial Master You." He turned to his servant beside him and instructed him along with a doc.u.ment. That servant then left swiftly.

Everyone widened their eyes in surprise at what they just saw.

The most mysterious and strongest characters in Feixing Kingdom were none other than Celestial Master You & Zuo. They never showed up just anywhere, but once they did, they would stir an uproar amongst everyone around them.

Both of them never cared about politics. The Celestial Master Zuo was in charge of monitoring deeds of the emperors and conveying the messages of G.o.ds to humanity. There was no news that could escape him.

Celestial Master You was in charge of monitoring star signs, harmoniousness, fate, summoning rain and getting rid of evil - similar to a prime minister.

Celestial Master Zuo had cryptic whereabouts. n.o.body knew where he came from, and where he will go.

The Right Master, on the other hand, resided in Star Shine Palace and never stepped out easily. It would take great obstacles for a plebeian to meet him.

Gu Xietian worked in the palace for a long time, but he only sighted Celestial Master Zuo only once. Furthermore, it was from afar and Gu Xietian could not even make out his appearance, as he wore a mask…

As for Celestial Master You, Gu Xietian was lucky enough to meet him twice, albeit from far away, as Celestial Master You was on the Rain Prayer Platform, while he was below it leading soldiers for their guarding duty.

Both of the Celestial Masters never socialized with anybody in the government. Even if the emperor had wanted to meet them, he would need to say ‘please’. And whether or not the Celestial Masters would agree to such requests, were entirely up to their mood.

So, could the currently slightly-weakened prince really invite one of the Celestial Masters?

n.o.body would believe that, but such disbelief only lasted for an hour.

Rong Jialuo’s servant came back in a second, "My prince, Celestial Master You agreed to be a witness, but everyone here has to be present in the Wan Xing Lou."

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