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The servants and security guards in the residence could easily have received a cruel punishment from him even for a minor mistake. Therefore, everyone feared him like a mouse who b.u.mped into a cat.

Now that he was furious, those servants would experience a series of tough canning which would probably end with them dead on a stool. But just when the cold-blooded guards were about to lock them down, a cold voice came out from the room which said, "Hold on!"

Gu Xijiu walked out and stared at the guards. All of them were stunned and stopped advancing.

All her servants immediately rushed up to her and bent to greet her, "Miss!"

Gu Xietian frowned and said, "Xijiu, you’re in the room? Why didn’t you come out earlier?"

He glared at the servants angrily and shouted, "All your servants are too much! They were blocking me from entering your room! This is unacceptable! They deserve punishment! Lock them down…"

Gu Xijiu asked when he was calling the security guards, "General Gu, haven’t these servants been a.s.signed to me?"

"Of course!" Gu Xietian said without thinking twice.

"So, what’s the duty of the servants?"

"Of course, they need to serve their master and listen to orders."

"According to what you've said, since they are my servants, what's wrong with them listening to my orders? Why are you arresting them?" Gu Xijiu remained silent after that.

She took a glance at her servants and said, "They weren’t afraid of the military’s power and obeyed my instructions… They are a group of loyal and great servants. General Gu is the military leader of the army… Would you punish the soldiers who are loyal to you?"

Her words had frightened Gu Xietian, "This…" He frowned and said, "It’s right that they are loyal to you, but they shouldn’t block me…"

Gu Xijiu interrupted him and said, "Then that’s my fault, I was the one who told them not to allow anyone to disturb me and I didn’t tell them to exclude you. If you insist to punish them, then punish me! But I’ll not allow anyone to hurt them for listening to my instructions!"

She was standing under the sunset and looked small but her words made everyone feel her strength.

The servants felt warmness in their hearts and knelt, "Master, we will be loyal to you even when we die…"

They then turned around and said to Gu Xietian, "Please punish us but don’t hurt our young lady!"

Gu Xietian was speechless and mad at himself. He was judging his daughter silently and realized that he only understood her today. He suddenly laughed, "Hahahaha! Great! Great! Indeed, you’re my daughter! Daring enough!"

He placed his hands together as he was laughing. He was happy!

He had many daughters but none of them were like Gu Xijiu who was brave and daring! Even his favorite son did not behave like that.

Soldiers like people who were daring and that included Gu Xietian. He had now forgotten about the earlier offense and could not help but focus on the resemblance between him and his daughter.

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