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The rest of the soldiers quickly tried to see what the commotion was about. Everyone was shocked when they saw it.

As the sky was still dark, none of them saw what happened after the suit fell to the ground.

A highly-skilled soldier who was an expert in Kung Fu jumped off from the high wall to check the area. Everyone was worried for him.

A moment later, the soldier appeared and took a few leaps before he flew up to the wall again. He was carrying a stack of items with him.

There was the black suit which had been stacked neatly along with a pair of stilts and a ghost mask...

"What’s this?" The leader of the soldiers asked.

The soldier knelt and reported to him, "Sir, we found it at the riverbank of the moat but we didn’t see anyone there."

The team leader asked, "Did you arrange it? This is so neat!"

"It was stacked like this and placed on a big rock."

The team leader was stunned as he looked at the clothes. It took less than half a minute from the time the suit was floating in midair to the point where the soldier jumped down from the wall. The clothes were folded and stacked so neatly that even people who specialized in ironing clothes could not complete it in such a short time...

If the moat was not haunted then there must be a legendary kind of master in the vicinity! Hence, they decided to report the situation...


Gu Xijiu had a good sleep in her room the entire day. No one dared to interrupt her without her permission, however, she was awake due to the noise outside in the evening.

She was a professional killer and she used to leave one eye open while she slept so that even a soft noise could draw her attention. Back then, she would never have slept for such long hours.

Upon waking up, she ma.s.saged both her temples as she felt a bit dizzy. This body was still very young and

children usually needed more sleep as they get easily tired.

It was very different from the time when she was in the modern world where she used to be very energetic even though she had not slept for three days.

She tried listening to the conversation outside and roughly got an idea of what was happening.

Her father was there together with her fifth sister, Gu Tianyi.

Since she did not tell anyone to wake her up, her servants did not welcome their visit.

Gu Xietian was mad as it was the first time he encountered such rude treatment from his daughter. Moreover, Gu Tianyi was trying to make things worse by adding fuel to the situation.

Gu Xijiu knew her servants were very firm and would not compromise or stoop to her father.

No matter how he tried to frighten or threaten them, they were very firm and they drove him mad. After a while, Gu Xietian ordered his soldiers and guards to arrest the female servants for punishment!

Gu Tianyi stood aside happily as she was upset with the servants too. "How dare those people offend father!"

Gu Xietian was a hot-tempered person as he always caned the soldiers when they did not agree with his ideas. He did improve since he was promoted to be the [1] General Biao Qi, however, his personality remained in his bones!

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