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The childe sighed worryingly and replied, "Alright, I’ll have it then."

When the thudding sound of the hammer was heard, the childe took out a stash of notes and handed it over. Then, he added an ounce of silver on top of the notes.

The other bidders were looking at him like he was some sort of a joke as he had just spent as much as 800,000 ounces of silver to buy a herb that was worth only 50,000…

The childe held the crystal box in his palm, looked at it and sighed. He then took a look at it for a second time and sighed again.

When Rong Chu saw his reaction, he felt especially excited and purposely asked, "My brother, why are you still sighing when you have gotten what you wanted?"

The childe raised his head to look at Rong Chu on the second floor and asked again as though he had not given up on him yet, "Fourth prince, are you sure that you do not want this weed?"

Rong Chu felt refreshed and excited, hence, he replied, "No!"

"Are you certain that you would not request to buy it from me today no matter what happens?"

"Yes, I do not want that particular illusion weed regardless of what happens." Rong Chu replied instantly.

"Alright then." The childe finally gave up. He slowly opened the box, observed it carefully and suddenly, he laughed, "I couldn’t believe that I was able to buy one of the best illusion weeds which had been aged for 3,000 years for only 800,000 ounces of silver! Yes!"

Everyone was stunned by his words!

Rong Chu dropped the tea cup that he was holding onto the floor and shouted, "What?!"

It was difficult to obtain an illusion weed and thus a weed that was about 10 years in age costed about 50,000. Those that were usually auctioned were mostly of this type.

A 3,000-year-old illusion weed was considered a legendary item! It was regarded as priceless; hence, worth even 800,000 might not have been enough to purchase it!

The whole hall was thrown into excitement!

Rong Chu was stunned for a moment and he suddenly laughed coldly, "Liar! I don't believe him! How on earth could it possibly be 3,000 years old? It was probably just 10 years old!"

The childe replied leisurely, " I didn't ask you to believe me..." And slowly, he wanted to put the box into his sleeve…

"Little brother, hold on! Can you please let me see it?" The Tianwen saint glided down from the second floor and stood in front of the childe.

The saint was well known for her arrogance and she looked down on almost everyone. Even the fourth prince, Rong Chu, respected her. As for the rest, it would have been an honor if they could speak to her even if it was just for a moment.

The saint was standing there in her floating dress as she smiled. Though she was asking him to see it, it felt as though she was not giving him a choice. Anyway, she was not expecting him to reject her.

The childe did not reject but he offered her a deal and said, "Sure, but it would cost you 10,000 ounces of silver!"

The saint was shocked and said, "What?"

"Pay me 10,000 ounces of silver if you want to see it." The childe said again more precisely.

The saint was speechless, "…"

"Do you not know me? I’m the Tianwen saint, Gu Xixi…" The saint introduced herself.

"20,000 then…" The childe did not bother listening to her and increased his price instead.

The saint was furious, "You..."


"You…how dare you charge me such an exorbitant price?!"

"40,000." The childe said leisurely, "Saint, I can charge you any price I like as the illusion weed belongs to me and I will not accept any negotiations. I will not force you to pay if you are unwilling to, and you can always choose not to see it. Oh! Now you have made me talk so much, the price has just been increased to 80,000. If I must speak anymore, you’d have to pay 90,000 instead. Do you really want to see it?"

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