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It was practically daylight robbery! Unfortunately, the price had been stated clearly even though n.o.body would deny that it felt wrong.

The hall was so quiet that even the sound of a pin dropping could have been heard. Everyone held their breaths as they were interested to see how the saint would react.

It was very rare to see Gu Xixi become angry. She paused for a while and then she smiled sweetly and said, "Alright, I’ll pay 80,000 to take a look at it!"

Though she was beautiful, she usually did not smile. That smile of hers was like the blooming of the first flower, and the whole hall seemed to have brightened up some of the other bidders had been petrified by her smile.

Even the twelfth prince, Rong Yan, was stunned by her beautiful smile though he had two beautiful ladies by his side. He felt that he was willing to do anything just to make her smile again.

Nonetheless, the childe was insensible to her and was unwilling to even give in to such a beauty, making sure that he had received every ounce of silver that asked for.

He slowly counted the money that Gu Xixi had paid him and observed carefully to confirm its genuineness before he opened the box for Gu Xixi to look.

He was serious when he said that he would only allow her to look and soon enough "Pat!", he closed the cover, "Alright, you have already looked."

Gu Xixi was speechless again, "…" Her beautiful face suddenly turned pale. She took a deep breath and asked, "Sir, how much are you willing to sell this illusion weed for? Name your price!"

With her words alone, she had proved that the illusion weed had indeed been aged for 3,000 years and everyone was shocked! Numerous admirations were suddenly being showered upon childe…

A purplish shadow flashed by and Rong Chu was seen flying down, "Xixi, did you see it clearly?"

Gu Xixi nodded, "Yes! A 10-year-old illusion weed has eight leaves facing each other. Each leaf is round and is red in color. On the other hand, a 3,000-year-old illusion weed has 10 leaves facing each other. Each leaf is as red as the color of the heart but their petioles are shaped like a crescent and are whitish in color…"

She was a professional in the medical field and with the amount of knowledge she possessed on medical herbs, she only needed to take one look to differentiate each herb and had never made a single mistake before.

Though she had not seen an actual 3,000-year-old illusion weed before, her Master had taught her about this particular herb and hence, she knew how to identify it.

While she had a look at the illusion weed, she realized that most of the main characteristics it possessed were identical to what her Master had told her!

Such herbs were known to be able to cleanse the Qi and replace one’s bone marrow. The individual would feel as though they were a completely new person. Besides, consuming it could strengthen one’s [1] ‘external abilities’, which required hundreds of years of practice before one was able to master it.

Besides, there was a legendary saying that when a spirit-attracting pill was refined using a 3,000-year-old weed, it could be used to call back the spirit of the departed, which basically allowed one to resurrect the dead…

In short, the benefits of the weed were known to be miraculous. It was so rare that only someone with an extreme amount of luck could have found it, hence, it was priceless.

Gu Xixi really wanted to have this weed. She was indeed a rich person as she immediately offered to purchase the weed for 10,000,000, which shocked everyone in the hall!

Unexpectedly, the childe kept the box back into his sleeve and replied her with only two words, "Not selling!"

Gu Xixi was trying her best to persuade him as she continuously raised the offer, which had gone up to 15,000,000. However, the childe was determined not to sell the illusion weed.

Rong Chu finally interrupted, "How much would you be willing to sell the weed for?"

The childe took a glance at him, "What does it matter to you? You have already stated clearly that you weren’t going to buy it. Are you planning to go back on your words?"

The words choked Rong Chu’s throat. He deeply regretted not buying it just now and though he was willing to pay 20 times more than its original price now, the owner had insisted that he would not sell it …

It’s the nature of man that a priceless product is always more valuable, and thus the desire of Rong Chu to own the illusion weed was even greater now.

[1] 'External abilities' is the art of exerting internal power to knock down an opponent. Without which, a pract.i.tioner’s fighting ability or kungfu is limited.

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