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Fortunately, the childe did not only look at Gu Xijiu. Instead, he started scanning through all the guests on the second floor before he slowly sat down and waited for another herb to be auctioned.

Finally, the illusion weed that Gu Xijiu had wanted to get her hands on was being auctioned. Like the other herbs, it was placed in a crystal box. The crystal box was exquisitely carved and a crimson-colored weed could vaguely be seen.

This weed was extremely rare; hence, the bidding price started at 50,000 ounces of silver. As Rong Chu was determined to win this weed, he raised the bid to 100,000.

Even though the childe usually raised the bidding price by 100,000 ounces of silver for the other herbs, he changed his mind this time. As Rong Chu had just finished his sentence, he slowly said, "Add an ounce of silver!"

Rong Chu was gnashing his teeth and bid again, "150,000!"

The young childe then bid once more, "150,001."

"200,000!" Rong Chu simply added 50,000 each time he raised the bid.

"200,001." Said the childe. His voice was still rather calm.




It was totally a showdown between Rong Chu and the childe now!

Rong Chu clenched his fists as he stared coldly at the childe. If his eyesight could kill, the childe would have died 800 times by now.

The Tianwen saint, who was sitting by his side, showed signs of trembling at her lips. The eyes of Rong Chu flashed and he calmly continued his bidding.

The childe knew that Rong Chu wanted this herb very much and kept bidding without even blinking an eye. As they kept bidding, the price of the herb had gone up to 800,000. "What an insane price!" Gu Xijiu thought to herself.

Though the guests present were rich and knowledgeable men, it was their first time witnessing such an intense bidding compet.i.tion. Therefore, the hall was so quiet that even the sound of a pin dropping would have been heard.

"800,001." The childe was fanning himself with a folded fan while he looked at Rong Chu on the second floor with a smile on his face, as if he was taunting him to bid again.

Unexpectedly, Rong Chu smirked as he glanced back at him. He then sat down and said indifferently, "Since you care so much for this herb then I’ll not compete with you anymore. The illusion weed is yours!"

The childe was quiet, "…"

The others too, "…"

Many of them had a good relationship with Rong Chu, and some even knew that he purposely came today just to get his hands on the illusion weed. They had not expected that he would have given up that easily!

As the others had been observing him for quite some time, they felt that the childe was only intentionally bothering Rong Chu and had not intended to win the bid for the illusion weed. The childe should be facing trouble now since Rong Chu had suddenly withdrawn himself from the auction bid.

800,000 ounces of silver was the total income an upper cla.s.s would have earned throughout his life!

The childe was stunned for a moment before he blinked his eyes and looked towards Rong Chu on second floor, "Fourth prince, are you sure that you do not want to bid anymore? This herb is very special and is most certainly worth its current price. I’m sure that you’ll regret it if you don't. Why don't you raise the bid a little, even if it’s just an ounce of silver, and I’ll stop bidding against you…"

Rong Chu was excited by what he just said. After all, he had caused him to pay hundreds of thousands of ounces of silver and finally Rong Chu could make him pay too!

"A true gentleman never s.n.a.t.c.hes away what is loved by others. Since you like it so much, I will not fight with you over the illusion weed anymore." Rong Chu made an elegant remark.

"Are you serious?" the childe questioned again.


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