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It was now a couple of times already that he added an ounce of silver on top of Rong Chu’s bid which triggered the anger of others in the auction.

Rong Chu seriously hated him as his disruption had always caused Rong Chu to pay more than necessary for each of the herbs that had bought. There was one time where Rong Chu needed to pay more than 100,000 to buy herbs which would normally only cost about 40,000 ounces of silver.

Therefore, what the childe did made him the gazing stock of the crowd.

When Gu Xijiu saw that the prices of the herbs had skyrocketed, she no longer hoped to purchase the herb that she had wanted. She was just leaning against the window as a bystander and focused on identifying the childe.

He seemed to be a shy person because he was blushing slightly when others stared at him. His pair of drooping eyes with long eyelashes made him look even more delicate than a lady who had not stepped out of the house before.

Gu Xijiu did not know who this person was but she knew based on the expressions of others that they had no clue too.

It was the first time Rong Chu had met such an insensible person, however, the auction rules here did not allow a bidder to suppress others with social status and hence, he could only keep raising the price.

Later, he learned to copy the childe’s move, which was to add only an ounce of silver instead of 10,000 ounces of silver. To his surprise, the childe unbelievably added 10,000 ounces of silver, giving others the impression that the fourth prince was stingy…

It was obviously a showdown between the childe and the fourth prince!

"Who was this childe actually? How could he be so courageous to go against the fourth prince?" The same question flashed through the minds of many of the other bidders.

Gu Xijiu was enjoying the scene that was taking place before her. Anyone who dared to challenge the fourth prince directly must not have been an average person. Thus, there were only three possibilities.

1. This childe was affiliated with the crown prince and is therefore doing it on purpose.

2. This childe was a naïve and affluent second generation kid who was relatively stupid.

3. This childe was a superlunary n.o.ble who was not afraid of anyone else.

As the childe looked rather babyish and immature, the possibility of him becoming a superlunary n.o.ble was so low that Gu Xijiu immediately wrote off that possibility.

The second option was impossible. Among the rich and the n.o.ble, whose kid would have dared to challenge the fourth prince directly? He would have been very stupid to do so!

After she eliminated the two possibilities, the only possibility left was that this person was affiliated with Rong Jialuo and was here to disturb the fourth prince!

The fourth prince, Rong Chu, seemed to have the same thought as Gu Xijiu and his ice-cold eyes had been shifting towards Rong Jialuo’s room a few times already!

Suddenly, an idea struck Gu Xijiu!

"No, there was a fourth possibility!" she thought to herself.

Perhaps somebody was plotting against both Rong Jialuo and Rong Chu and wanted them to fight with each other so that he could gain while they suffered great losses.

While she was still deep in thought, the childe suddenly raised his head and looked towards her direction. He smiled when their eyesight met.

Gu Xijiu was shocked!

Though the childe was handsome, he was not the most attractive person that she had encountered. There were many others such as Rong Chu, Rong Yan and even Rong Che who were more attractive than him. Nonetheless, his smile felt like the full blooming of a cherry blossom, which could have caused a person’s heart to skip a beat.

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