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Rong Chu was polite towards her and he said with a gentle voice, "The auction is about to start soon. Let us proceed to wait in the room first." He switched the topic and escorted the saint towards the second room of the second floor. Rong Yan and the two Gu sisters followed behind them.

Were there other VIPs in the room too? Who could have made the arrogant Rong Chu feel so afraid? That person must be a great man. Gu Xijiu was subconsciously spinning her teacup while she was pondering this matter.

After a while, Rong Che came back into the room to bid her farewell. He said he had an emergency and had to leave first. Before he left, he handed Gu Xijiu a note which was worth 500,000 ounces of silver so that she could purchase one of the auction items and would not have gone back empty-handed. He then rushed out of the room before Gu Xijiu had a chance to reject his offer.

Gu Xijiu pursed her thin lips and accepted the note.

After all, she needed the money. Furthermore, she heard that the ‘illusion weed’ that she had been wanting to get her hands on were among the items which would be on auction that day. She was willing to purchase the weed even though it costed about 500,000 ounces of silver as it was a rare item. She told herself that she would try to return the money to Rong Che in due time and felt that based on her abilities, it would not have been that difficult to do so.

"Dong!" A clear and sharp sound of a hitting hammer was heard from downstairs which signified that the auction was starting.

The procedures of the auction were about the same as the ones in the modern world whereby the auction started off with the cheapest item.

This auction house was the largest and most luxurious in the Feixing Kingdom and the guests that showed up were either rich people or high ranking officers. Therefore, the items on auction consisted of items that were rare and difficult to find in the market. The lowest starting price of the auction bid was also set at 10,000 ounces of silver…

When Gu Xijiu touched the silver coins she had in her sleeve, she felt like she was a poor person.

She then felt the note that Rong Che had given her and hoped that the market price of the illusion weed was low today and did not cost more than the money she had. When they were about one third into the auction, Gu Xijiu had lost hope on purchasing the legendary illusion weed.

The saint of the Tianwen clan had practically been buying off all the herbs that had been auctioned. The fourth prince, Rong Chu, was truly a local bully. Regardless of how much the herbs had gone up in price during the bidding, he would always outbid his compet.i.tors by 20,000 as a way of shooing them off.

Gu Xijiu witnessed herself that Rong Chu had purchased a particular herb for 60,000 when it should not have costed more than 30,000. He was so wealthy that Gu Xijiu started to plot a plan to rob him…

In fact, because Rong Chu had outbid most of the other bidders during the auction of herbs so many times, they had stopped bidding whenever there were herbs being auctioned.

After all, n.o.body wanted to deliberately offend the fourth prince.

However, there were still a couple of odd bidders among the large crowd of people. One of them was seated at one of the seats downstairs. From his attire, he looked like a knowledgeable childe. He had red lips, a set of white teeth, and a pair of glimmering eyes. He was also fair, handsome and had a fine face.

It was not surprising to see this person seated on the first floor. However, he had an unusual habit - each time after Rong Chu bid, he always raised one of his fair and long fingers and swayed it in front of the auctioneer.

As he seemed to have a good temperament, the auctioneer always thought that he would have bid at least 10,000 higher than Rong Chu. Unexpectedly, he slowly said, "I’ll add an ounce of silver."

These few words caused everyone in the room to roar with laughter.

Note from the author: The male lead of this chapter is Qian Mian, and Holy Deity is his ultimate ident.i.ty. You have to take note of his other ident.i.ties but one of it was this childe who always bid an ounce of silver higher than Rong Chu.

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