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There were only four rooms on third floor, as each room was at least two times larger than the room on the second floor. The room had French windows with pearls used for curtains, which were as large as pigeon eggs. Once swayed, they appeared to resemble the great river.

The four rooms were dark; hence, there should be no one inside.

The honorable status of the eighth prince had allowed him to stay on second floor only, hence, for whom, were the four rooms on the third floor prepared for?

As Gu Xijiu was debating within herself, Rong Che’s voice was heard from behind. He seemed to have read the doubts in her mind when he said, "These rooms on the second floor are prepared for the royal princes and the dukes, while the rooms on third floor are prepared for His Majesty and the three largest clans' elders."

Gu Xijiu was struck by the information. She had, after all, heard of these three clans before.

This land which honored martial arts, did not only have an emperor as the sovereign ruler, but also the Overlords of these three clans too.

The three largest clans were the Tianwen clan, the Jiuxing clan, and the Yinyang clan.

Those three largest clans were separated in three different kingdoms and had millions of students. Though their practicing methods were different, but the kungfu of each clan was impressive and incredible.

As advanced kungfu could be learned and practiced within these three clans only, everyone, including both royal family members and general citizens, would feel proud to be the disciple of any of these three clans.

Despite the three largest clans recruiting disciples yearly, they were very strict in picking their disciple and only accepted geniuses with top-graded spiritual roots. Besides, they were needed to go through multiple tests.

Therefore, only a dozen was recruited into the three clans each year, after multiple screenings and elimination.

Even any disciple sent by any of the three clans would be served solemnly, let alone the overlords.

Wherever they went, they would receive equal treatment as the emperor's.

The three overlords were so professional in their own kungfu, it was as if they had become immortal. Hence, they were not keen on attending any activities that easily.

Most of the time, they would send their main disciples. These disciples were usually having at least the status of an elder and possess the overlord's token, which represented the overlord.

Thus, each country would definitely welcome them solemnly.

Every country would have special posthouse, restaurant and even a special room within the auction room for them.

Gu Xijiu raised her head to look at third floor and sighed to herself because her current ident.i.ty could only allow her to be seated at first floor. Though the first floor and third floor were just two floors apart, the treatment received was significantly different.

It seemed that the overlords of these clans were similar to the pope from foreign countries during her era. They seemed to be having the same status as the emperor, but their power and authority were much stronger than the emperor himself.

"Little brother, what do you want to buy here?" Rong Che was brewing himself some tea and each of his movements was graceful and elegant.

Gu Xijiu glanced at him and as she read widely. She knew that Rong Che was good in brewing tea and would have been much better than her ex-boyfriend, Long Xi…

Her heart sank as that person was unworthy for her to recall!

Then, she felt oddly impatient and yawned, "I’m here just to wander around and learn."

Meanwhile, the auction had already started. Gu Xijiu leaned on the window to take a look, all while sighing to herself. After all, all auctioned products were fine and the starting price was from low to high. Nonetheless, she found out pessimistically that the money that she had got could not even buy her the cheapest product on auction.

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