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Rong Che gestured to them to rise, shook the emerald card in his hand again and politely smiled, "Gentlemen, can this membership card of mine allow us to enter?"

How would the four doormen dare to say no? They replied in unison, "Yes, sir, it definitely can, sir! Please."

Gu Xijiu almost wanted to touch her face. She was wondering if the eighth prince had recognized her and thus, wanted to help her?

That should be impossible! She was rather confident with her disguise techniques that even her own parents could not recognize her whenever she went undercover. Furthermore, the eighth prince had just met her once, hence, it was impossible for him to recognize her!

While she was absent-minded, her wrist was being held, "Brother, let’s go in together."

As she used to be a killer in her past life, her guard was so strong that she always ensured a distance of at least three feet from everyone. With her wrist was suddenly being held onto, she unconsciously twisted her hand and got away from Rong Che’s grab easily.

As soon as she did it, she felt that she somehow overreacted. After all, he just wanted to hold her wrist and not to strike her pressure point. She coughed softly, waved her sleeve and replied, "Then, I will enter first," before she strode in.

Rong Che glanced at his emptied hand and disappointment flashed through his eyes. Then, he walked in leisurely.

The four doormen were shocked to see the scene!

The honorable eighth prince who was always a mysophobia, unexpectedly held onto little black kid’s hand!

And this little black kid actually got rid of the eighth prince’s hand impolitely! Yet, the eight prince was not angry at all. What actually just happened? Had Mars just collided into Earth?!


Owing to the eighth prince, Gu Xijiu did not only get through easily but also received a beau, ideal of reception.

Two of them were led by two handsome boys into an elegant VIP room. The furniture in the room such as a desk, screen, tables and chairs were exquisite and were arranged graciously.

Sitting behind the desk, one can view the whole auction stage through the pearls of the curtain hanging at the window.

There were popular fruits and pastry on the desk and the room was filled with a mild fruity ambiance, as if one was in a fruit garden with fresh air.

Gu Xijiu sized up the design of the room and knew that the room should be a VIP room. She then walked towards the window to look around.

She knew that she was on the second floor and that auction stage was located on the first floor surrounded by some seats. Dozens of people were sitting on those seats. Though with different facial features, everyone was dressed elegantly and affluently.

There were sixteen rooms on the second floor, with that auction stage in the middle.

From Gu Xijiu's angle of view, she could see the round-shaped window of each room. Each window had pearl curtains hanging, and the pearls were so shiny that n.o.body could see the guests inside clearly.

Nonetheless, the other rooms must be hosting other guests too, because the glimmering light appeared from the pearl curtains and the moving shadows of people.

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