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Fortunately, she came here just to gain some knowledge.

After all, she had the memory of the previous owner but she did not go out often and was very inclined to stay indoors. Thus, her knowledge was very limited and insufficient.

Books were yet to be popular in this era. Furthermore, the books she found with difficulty were written in traditional characters vertically; without any punctuation marks, no less. Thus, she started feeling a tad dizzy by just reading a few pages…

Experiencing things hands-on should be much better than reading, hence, she thought it would be better for her to see and experience matters herself.

"Little brother, you are really willing to learn. Come, please do have a cup of tea to soothe your throat." Rong Che snapped his fingers and a cup of tea flew towards the hand of Gu Xijiu…

Gu Xijiu raised her hand and that cup of tea turned onto her palm. "Thank you sir, for the tea," and raised her cup for a toast.

The eyes of Rong Che flashed slightly as he secretly used thirty percent of his spirit power and no one could receive the cup without spirit power of equal level. To his surprise, the little black kid received the cup with ease.

What perplexed him was that he could not see what spirit power he was using to receive the cup at all.

He was neither nosy nor a person who would defend against injustice.

The reason why he condescended and brought in Gu Xijiu, was that he seemed to have witnessed the technique she used against the doorman, which appeared to be a similar technique Gu Xijiu had used before.

He doubted and thus, took her in.

He wanted to test her kinesis by holding her hand but he had never thought that she would shake it off and prevent him from carrying out the test.

Gu Xijiu was too good in disguising herself, even her obvious birthmark was well-concealed! The shape of her body had transformed completely too.

As she looked completely different from Gu Xijiu after the disguise, Rong Che was not able to recognize her even after careful observation.

Was he a she?

Rong Che poured another cup of tea and snapped the tea with his fingers towards her again, "For fine tea such as this one before you, you should drink slowly to taste. Because with only one gulp, you would not able to taste it."

The light green tea cup was moving slowly in the air, but the tea inside did not even ripple. The tea cup seemed to be surrounded by a light aura. This was because he used fifty percent of his spirit power…

At Feixing Kingdom, barely anybody could receive anything he sent with his fifty percent spirit power, not even Rong Yan, the rising star, could.

Gu Xijiu frowned. Though she was still not very much aware of the light wave exerted by various types of internal power, she knew that the cup was not easy to catch from its speed and position.

She would most probably not be able catch it even if she wanted to.

Suddenly, an idea came to her. Her legs moved quickly and lightly towards that cup of tea from its side. Then, her little mouth approached the edge of the cup and sipped for the first time, "The tea is really good!"

She quickly walked again to tail the moving cup and sipped it for the second time, "Such sweet aroma."

She then did a flip and sipped the last mouthful of tea. Meanwhile, that cup was approaching its end, hence, Gu Xijiu snapped the cup back with her fingers, "Thank you sir."

Both eyes of Rong Che had lit up, caught the cup and with a thumbs up, he complimented, "Little brother, your gait was really unpredictable and I’m impressed!"

Gu Xijiu replied, "Thank you sir for your compliment." Her gait had actually originated from an ancient martial art family and could be used even without any internal powers. Hence, it was a good method to escape.

"Little brother, your kungfu is really astounding! May I know which clan you are from?" Rong Che was staring at her with his pair of beautiful eyes.

He knew martial arts very well and was thus proficient in each and every clan's kungfu.

Generally, he could recognize the opponent’s clan soon after he practiced his martial arts but he had not seen the version of martial arts that Gu Xijiu had just practiced!

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