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Before he had finished his sentence, a bunch of thin cloths were thrown on his face and the Lord said, "Go and find out where these cloths came from. You can go and kill yourself if you can't find the answer in two hours!"

"Yes!" Mu Feng said immediately. He jumped up and disappeared with the cloths in a flash.

The Lord returned to his normal self and the other three secretly felt relieved.

"Mu Yu, Mu Lei, and Mu Dian, go and find a kid who is around 10 years old. He or she is wearing my robe. Kill that person immediately on sight."

Three of them were shocked and they looked at each other. The Lord prioritized cleanliness and would never have given his used belongings to someone else. How did the kid get hold of his robe?

"My Lord, may I know if the kid is a boy or a girl?" Mu Yu asked boldly.

The Lord replied, "Regardless of whether the person is a boy or a girl, kill the person!" The Lord did not even know the gender of the kid, but somehow his robe was with this person...

Had it been stolen by someone? It was abnormal and they could not believe that someone could have stolen it from him!

The three of them had many questions in their heads but no one dared to ask further. They quickly started the search after they had received the mission.

The Lord was standing in the dark under the moon while the wind was blowing on his top. The kid had just left roughly less than an hour ago and should still be nearby, as he or she did not possess any spiritual power. Even if he or she could run very fast, they could never have run more than 20 kilometers. No one could beat the head hunting ability of his servants so they should be able to find the poor kid!

No living person had ever seen his real appearance before and those who had seen it were dead! However, not only had the bad kid seen his appearance, he had also touched his pubic region!


Gu Xijiu had run more than 20 kilometers now. She had already entered the town and was wandering in one of the closed boutiques. Her teleportation ability was not restricted by s.p.a.ce or walls; hence she easily entered the boutique.

Gu Xijiu was very careful and smart and she had thought it over while she was escaping. The person would have noticed that someone had broken into the cave when he realized the robe was missing. Therefore, she decided to change her clothes for safety.

The boutique was full of different types of costumes. Gu Xijiu simply chose a suitable one and quickly put it on. She teleported out of the town and tied the white robe to a big rock, which was then thrown into a moat.

She patted her hands to clean off the dirt. She felt sad for the white robe… There would be a good show the next morning so it was time for her to get some rest!


When midnight arrived, Mu Lei and the rest had already checked the mountain road thoroughly but they could not find anything. They did not have a sample of the kid’s scent; otherwise, they could have gotten help from the hound.

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