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That was strange! He has already built a barricade to prevent people from entering the cave before he started the practice. So, how could she possibly come in and escape with ease?

He stretched his arms open and his white undershirt moved along. Everything in the cave flew in midair and spun in circles before him.

There were not many things in the cave, but a few rags of cloth were flying in front of him.

Gu Xijiu was very careful. She was worried that the thieves might chase after her, hence, she took away the torn muslin but left a few pieces of cloth in the gaps between rocks.

The man looked at the torn cloth for a short while.

That did not seem to be the materials for clothing, but bed drapes instead ...

Did that mean the girl came dressed in only a bed drape?

He did not manage to see the appearance of that person, as he only registered the touch. He did not hear the voice nor pick up any scent. He actually did not even know the gender of that person, whether he or she was a young or an old person...

However, he could feel that the palm was tiny, with rough centers. That person could be deduced as someone who slaved through heaps of housework.

He looked at his own body and felt upset, as he realized that he only wore an undershirt and inner pants. He has never been like this since he began his journey.

The bad kid came from nowhere!

He suddenly picked up a jacket and put it on. He then touched his face; a ghost mask appeared and covered his face. The ghost mask was really terrifying, which made no one dare to take so much as a second look.

In a blink of an eye, he was right outside the cave. He looked up to the sky and pointed his fingertips upwards, resulting in a beam of white light that shone straight up to the sky.

A moment later, there were four shadows that flew from four different directions and knelt in front of him,"Congratulations my Lord, for crossing the gate!"

The Lord looked at them for a short while and smiled. He then asked, "Where did you entertain yourselves when I was having my practice?"

Although his voice was as gentle as the wind and rain during springtime, the four of them trembled and knelt down completely, "Apologies, my Lord! We have been waiting somewhere 50 kilometers away from Mountain Ning Wu…"

"I see." The Lord played with his fingers and asked, "Did you see any experts entering the cave?"


They have a special detection towards the experts, as they could easily sense and block them from entering, or find a way to distract the offending person.

The Lord looked at them and remained silent.

It was mid-autumn, and they were in the forest. The weather was cold and the dried leaves were scattered all over the ground. However, the surrounding air was getting warmer; it almost felt like spring.

The Lord was mad!


The four of them quickly laid on the ground and trembled. Their Lord was extremely extraordinary, as other experts could lower the temperature to be eight degrees Celsius colder, but their Lord could warm the surrounding temperature up by eight degrees Celsius instead.

There were not many things which could drive the Lord to the point of anger. While they were afraid, they also felt confused. One of them asked, "My Lord, did someone break into the cave?"

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