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Chapter 1363: She Could Only Ask Him
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Two hours have pa.s.sed since Gu Xijiu started meditating. She opened her eyes and realized that her spiritual power had increased again.

In the past, she could increase her spiritual power by one micrometer with just two days of practice. However, she was now able to increase her spiritual power by one millimeter which was ten times the amount she would generally be able to achieve in just four hours. It was as though they had discovered a great secret hideout in a game!

Gu Xijiu did not want to get out of the pond. Hence, she closed her eyes again and continued practicing.

"Hey, come out. Your skin will dry up if you continue soaking in there." Di Fuyi was standing on the sh.o.r.e.

"Let me go one more round." Gu Xijiu found it difficult to leave the pond.

"No way, it's bad for your skin. Your skin will dry up."

"So be it then. This feeling is awesome!" Gu Xijiu refused to leave.

Di Fuyi decided to stop talking and took action. His sleeve stretched and shrunk like a long ribbon and wrapped around her. Instantly, Gu Xijiu flew up to the sh.o.r.e helplessly.

Gu Xijiu was speechless.

Although his intentions were good, he should not toss her here and there as though she was a toy. She landed right beside him and immediately slumped into his arms as she could not stand properly. Perhaps, she had been soaking in the pond for too long.

Di Fuyi wrapped his arms around her before she could say anything. He felt numb at his chest followed by a strong push from the back!

"Pufffff!" He fell into the pond and caused a big puddle of water to splash out.

Gu Xijiu was laughing on the sh.o.r.e when he showed up from inside the water. "I think you should also restore your energy in there…"

Her voice was clear, and her young aura was like the sound of a bird chirping in the sunlight.

The nourishment of love successfully made her abandon all her calm and reserved nature. Now, she enjoyed every single moment just like a kid who did not know the anxiety and stress of society.

Di Fuyi looked at her for a moment as he was half afloat in the water. He casually said right at the moment when Gu Xijiu was still trying to figure out some bad ideas to tease him, "Baby, are you keen to do a pole dance with this outlook?"

This outlook? What kind of outlook?

Subconsciously, Gu Xijiu's face immediately blushed as she lowered her head. She was still naked! She was arrogantly standing in a posture of a teapot!

Immediately, she quickly searched around to retrieve her clothes which had been removed by his spell. However, she failed to locate it. Needless to say, he must have put it away in his storage s.p.a.ce.

Fortunately, she had prepared several sets of clothes in the Firmament Stone's storage s.p.a.ce. As she raised her hand to open the storage s.p.a.ce, she realized that it did not blink. Di Fuyi had switched it off again.

"Hey! Where are my clothes?" She could only ask him.

"On the cloud bed."

Gu Xijiu opened the bed drapes. Indeed, there was a stack of clean clothes on the bed.

A moment later, he got onto the sh.o.r.e. By that time, Gu Xijiu had put on the clean clothes and was wandering around the area again.

Strangely, four hours ago, she was extremely exhausted to the extent that she could fall asleep anytime and anywhere. However, after two sessions of the cultivation process, she was very energetic now and felt as though she had just woken up from a sound sleep.

She tried sensing her spiritual power and realized that it was circulating exceptionally well. She then sighed and sat down as she constructed a chair made from cane with her fingertips. "I initially thought that it would take 30 to 40 years for me to achieve a spiritual power of level ten, but I think I can soon achieve it based on my current progress…"

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