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Chapter 1362: I Thought You Wanted To Bathe?
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

"No way! I'm tired!" Gu Xijiu lied down as though she was boneless. She subconsciously curled up her body as she was naked.

Di Fuyi burst into laughter. He forcefully straightened her body and made her sit up. "My dear, this is the best place for the cultivation process to take place. Let's try it. I'll guide you."

Not only did he teach her the theory behind the cultivation process, but he also showed her the correct method. However, she was swaying left and right even when she was seated. When he had finished lecturing her, she immediately slumped backward. "Let me take a nap first. I'll practice later."

Di Fuyi was speechless. He immediately pulled her up and flicked her skin while threatening her. "I'll screw you again if you try to be disobedient!"

Gu Xijiu was extremely exhausted to the extent that her eyelids could not stop twitching. However, threatening her was an effective method. Hence, she finally seemed to be slightly more energized as she looked at him with a pair of watery eyes. "What did you mention about the cultivation process earlier?"

Di Fuyi was speechless again. Many people were eager to listen to his advice, but this little girl did not give a sh*t about what he said.

He helplessly taught her once again. Of course, he did not forget to pay attention to her concentration throughout the lesson and would wake her up whenever she unintentionally fell asleep.

Fortunately, she did put in the effort this time around. She quickly followed Di Fuyi's instruction as she sat down with her legs crossed. A moment later, she finally experienced positive changes. When the spiritual power in her body began moving around, she seemed to regain some of her vitality. The vitality was then converted into spiritual power.

An hour later, she finished the cultivation process and was sweating profusely. To her surprise, she realized that her spiritual power had been upgraded a little.

She was now very sensitive to the changes in her spiritual power. Hence, she could always sense whenever her spiritual power was improved. She asked as she was enlightened. "Is this considered... complementing the female's energy with the male's energy?"

Di Fuyi was speechless.

Without saying anything, Gu Xijiu flew up in midair before crashing into the pond as he flicked his hand. Gu Xijiu could swim quite well. Hence, she had managed to swim to the sh.o.r.e in a short period. "Di Fuyi!" She yelled and glared at the man who was now meditating on the bed.

Di Fuyi looked at her with a smile. "I thought you wanted to take a bath? Now would be the best time."

Gu Xijiu doubted his words, but she proceeded to take her bath. Her body was severely aching earlier to the extent that she did not even want to move her fingers. However, after two hours of practice, not only had she managed to upgrade her spiritual power but she realized that her body was no longer aching! She even felt relaxed and energized.

The water in the pond was as warm and smooth as silk. It was a pleasant experience soaking in there, and the most exciting experience was the fact that Gu Xijiu felt like a lot of spiritual power surrounded her.

She shockingly scooped up some water in her hands and realized that the water was as green as an emerald. She could even feel the spiritual power in the water. Was this holy spring water?

"This is the Spiritual Wooden Spring. Not only is it able to remove all the negative energy in your body but it is also able to transform one's physique. You'll be amazed later after you have meditated in there with the method I taught you earlier." Di Fuyi said.

No wonder he was able to recover in such a short time as though he had taken an elixir! What a wonderful place! Therefore, Gu Xijiu immediately forgot about the danger of being thrown into the pond and began meditating. The spiritual power that was in the spring water was slowly absorbed into her skin and entered her blood vessels. It flowed to every part of her body and eventually gathered at one point.

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