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Chapter 1326: He Did It
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Luo Zhanyu never expected that such an incident would happen while he was out running an errand. When he returned, Baili Ce had met him to complain that Celestial Master Zuo had stolen his fish soup.

Luo Zhanyu did believe it, so he went to Di Fuyi's room. Though Celestial Master Zuo was not in the room, he noticed that the bowl which used to contain the fish soup was on the table. However, it was empty.

The soup was not his primary concern. Luo Zhanyu was worried that Di Fuyi might have met with an accident. It would be harmful given his current health condition. After all, everyone in this village was quite hostile towards him. Luo Zhanyu did not know how to explain to his sister in case anyone secretly attacks him!

Therefore, Luo Zhanyu quickly went out looking for him. However, he had failed to locate him after some time and became extremely anxious.

Had he been involved in an accident?

Luo Zhanyu knew that Gu Xijiu was out collecting herbs, but he never told Di Fuyi as he felt that it was unnecessary. Furthermore, he did not want Di Fuyi to create too much trouble for his sister. However, in the end, Di Fuyi still managed to find out about it!

Would he go into the mountain looking for Xijiu?

'd.a.m.n it! Judging from Celestial Master Zuo's character, it was possible that he would do it!'

Luo Zhanyu felt that he was about to get a headache again. He decided to go and find the mussel. He wanted to ask it to lead him to Celestial Master Zuo. When he entered Gu Xijiu's house, she suddenly appeared in front of him. "Brother, why are you here?"

Luo Zhanyu paused for a while before answering, "I have come looking for the mussel."

"It should be sleeping in the house now. Let me find it. By the way, why were you looking for it? Are you planning to take him out hunting? It is quite late now…"

It was true. It was way past midnight now. Where could Celestial Master Zuo have gone? He had been looking everywhere in the village but to no avail.

Luo Zhanyu paused for a moment. Gu Xijiu could sense his hesitation, and so she became worried. "Brother, do you have something to tell me? Have his injuries gotten more serious?"

Luo Zhanyu finally made up his mind that he would tell the truth. "No, his injuries are alright. However, there is another problem."

"What is it?"

"He has gone missing. I have searched the entire village, but there is no sign of him. I suspect that he had gone into the mountain looking for you. Therefore I wanted to ask the mussel to lead me through the mountain."

Gu Xijiu looked a little bit pale. She was stunned for a while before she asked, "How did he know that I have gone into the mountain to collect herbs?"

Luo Zhanyu exclaimed, "It was because of a bowl of fish soup…" He then told her the story of how Di Fuyi had stolen the fish soup from Baili Ce.

Gu Xijiu was speechless. She rubbed her eyebrows and wondered if Di Fuyi was angry.

She had not intended to avoid him. In fact, she wanted to have a proper conversation with him. However, she thought that it was inappropriate to discuss such matters as he was still severely injured. Therefore, she decided to visit him at a later date. She had planned on speaking to him only after he had recovered.

Perhaps, subconsciously she was trying to avoid discussing their past. She was worried that she would feel hurt again once Di Fuyi had told her the truth.

Therefore, she had asked her brother's help to take care of Di Fuyi in the morning while she went back to her room to sleep. However, it was already in the evening when she woke up. The first thing that came to her mind was to visit Di Fuyi. However, when she pa.s.sed by Baili Ce's room, she recalled that she left halfway during the operation to heal Baili Ce's arm.

Therefore, she changed her mind and visited Baili Ce first instead. As a result, she realized that his injured arm was swelling and it was getting more severe with every pa.s.sing minute.

Gu Xijiu felt guilty towards him, so she decided to treat his injured arm.

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