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Chapter 1327: Would He Drill Into The Ground?
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Gu Xijiu recalled that the fish Baili Ce had given her was of a unique species. If she were to cook soup with it and offer it to Baili Ce to drink, it would help in healing his injured arm. Therefore, she quickly went back to her house to prepare the fish soup for him. She then brought it to him and asked him to drink the soup when it was cold.

Gu Xijiu knew that if she did not adequately treat his injured arm, it would affect his nerves. He needed to consume a specific type of pill to recover fully, and so she immediately went into the mountain to collect the herbs that were required to refine the medicine.

She was quite fast. It took her only two hours to collect the herbs from the mountain and return to the village. She never expected that such an incident would take place within such a short period.

There was no way out of this place. Di Fuyi had entered this place by following the rules. Gu Xijiu knew that he would not be able to get out so quickly.

'Where was he now?'

Gu Xijiu felt worried. She quickly went to her house as she wanted to wake the mussel up to help her look for Di Fuyi. However, she soon discovered that the mussel was not in the house. Instead, she found a letter on the table.

Her heartbeat raced. 'Had Di Fuyi left a letter behind informing her of his absence?'

When she opened the letter to read, she recognized his flamboyant handwriting on it. "I am leaving to practice. I am bringing the mussel along with me. Don't come looking for me. I will be back in nine days."

Gu Xijiu heaved a sigh of relief. 'Phew, he had only left because he needed to practice…'

'But where would he go to practice?'

He would need a tranquil and safe place to practice as well as someone trustworthy to serve as his guardian while he practiced. However, he had only taken the mussel which was less reliable along with him.

If she had known earlier, she would have come to see him first! If that was the case, he might have taken her with him as his guardian or at least told her where he was going. Had she hurt him in some way?

In Gu Xijiu's heart, there was a sense of loss in direction and anxiety. She was worried that he would meet with an accident again. She finally understood how Di Fuyi felt when he was worried about her.

When the weaker party was out and was likely to be bullied, the other party would end up being worried about the weaker party. Di Fuyi used to ask her to keep a low profile and create minimal problems. Now, she was the one who felt like saying it to Di Fuyi.

It was only when they truly cared for each other that one party would help the other party to clean up their mess. Di Fuyi had been severely injured this time around. He seemed to have a habit of going for a retreat whenever he got hurt. Therefore, he left as soon as he was able to move.

Though he clearly stated that he would be back after nine days, Gu Xijiu was still worried about him. She came out from her house and asked Luo Zhanyu where was the best place for a retreat nearby the village.

Luo Zhanyu frowned. "The safest place is in the village. Everywhere else is very dangerous regardless of whether it is the peripheral or the mountain or even the top of a tree. However, I have searched every corner of the village and asked everyone about him. No one seemed to have seen him and the mussel…"

Suddenly, he recalled something. "Oh yeah, someone did tell me that he saw the mussel appearing from underneath the bananmilk tree. After that, he lost sight of it."

Was it really underneath the tree?

Gu Xijiu turned and ran towards the bananmilk tree.

She had climbed up and down this tree countless times. She was very familiar with the surrounding area, and so she searched every possible corner that Di Fuyi could have gone. However, she was still unable to find him.

It was impossible for him to get up onto the tree. There were a lot of noisy baboons living among the trees. However, he needed a tranquil place for his retreat. If he was not on the tree, could he have gone underground?

Her heartbeat raced even faster!

The mussel could burrow underground. Gu Xijiu remembered that the mussel had informed her before that there was a lot of air inside the roots of the bananmilk tree and it was filled with immense amounts of spiritual power.

Had he brought the mussel so that it would help him to drill into the roots of the bananmilk tree? Gu Xijiu had the urge to start digging through the soil in search of him. Fortunately, she gave up on the crazy idea.

According to the mussel, the roots grew deep into the ground. In the past, it used to take 15 minutes to travel to the surface from deep inside its roots.

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