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Chapter 1325: He Had Stolen A Bowl Of Fish Soup!
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Di Fuyi glanced at his injured arm. "Are you in a lot of pain?"

Baili Ce snorted and answered coldly, "Thanks to you!" If Gu Xijiu had not gone to save this person, his injured arm would not be the way it was now.

At first, Di Fuyi had wanted to help him. However, after listening to his reply, he put his hand down and leisurely said, "She is my fiancé. She would prioritize me first."

Baili Ce slightly narrowed his eyes. "Fiancé? I don't think so. Xijiu has never admitted it. She only saved you first merely because you were more seriously hurt."

Di Fuyi's real intention of coming here was to give him some pills. He was worried that Gu Xijiu might feel guilty for delaying his operation and so he wanted to help. However, he decided against it now as this guy had been disrespectful to him ever since they met.

'Alright, let him suffer for a while. Anyway, it would not take away his life. He would only be in a lot of pain.'

Just as Di Fuyi was about to turn and leave, Baili Ce suddenly said, "Xijiu never acknowledged the marriage agreement with you. I asked her when she was here just now. She only claimed that you are a very close friend of hers. As she was only half done treating me, she felt guilty and is now out collecting herbs for me. She said that she could concoct a kind of medicine that would be able to heal my arm fully…"

Di Fuyi paused. "She just came to see you?"

Baili Ce proudly answered, "Of course, she even brought me some tasty dishes. Do you see that bowl of soup on the table? She cooked it and sent it over to me personally."

Di Fuyi glanced at the bowl of soup that was still warm. He smelled it and knew that she cooked it.

'It seemed as though she was feeling guilty for Baili Ce. She had even cooked soup for him!'

He thought that she was resting all this while. It seemed like she had woken up a long time ago.

He took the bowl of soup and turned away. Baili Ce quickly shouted, "Hey, what are you doing? The soup is for me!" He had placed the soup there as it was too hot and had planned to eat after it had cooled down.

Di Fuyi said with a serious face, "You are not supposed to eat seafood due to your wound. It will make your arm even more swollen."

Baili Ce remained silent. It seemed like he was telling the truth.

He suddenly recalled something and angrily said, "As far as I know, you are not in any condition to eat seafood too!"

"How can you compare yourself to me?" Di Fuyi replied and immediately left the room.

Baili Ce was furious. He disregarded his painful arm and jumped out of his bed as he wanted to chase after Di Fuyi. However, he was only able to take two steps before Di Fuyi waved his sleeve and Baili Ce felt his knees turn numb. He fell and knelt onto the floor as if he was sending Celestial Master Zuo out.

Baili Ce was very angry. He wondered if this guy was the highly respected Celestial Master Zuo. He had stolen a bowl of fish soup from him.

Baili Ce had personally caught the fish from the mountain. He always kept it in his house and gave it to Gu Xijiu not too long ago. He had even made an aquarium for her.

Because of his injury, Gu Xijiu decided to cook the fish for him as a supplement for his body. He knew that the fish might affect his wounds. However, he believed that Gu Xijiu should understand its side effects. She would not merely cook it for him if it was harmful.

He regretted now. He should have finished the soup earlier instead of placing it on the table and allowing other people to steal it. Baili Ce wanted to stand up and chased after Di Fuyi. However, he had a bad leg cramp and was not able to get up at the moment.

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