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Chapter 1286: Just Follow My Instruction
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Mu Feng felt a little grievance towards Gu Xijiu and said, "Tell them the truth that Gu Xijiu had fled away from the marriage! Otherwise, Gu Xietian will find us to retrieve his daughter..."

Di Fuyi was impatient and said, "Do you think your master will be afraid when he comes?"

Speaking of this matter, someone had reported that Gu Xietian had returned. These days, General Gu showed up at the palace at least once a day, requesting to see his daughter. He was unable to calm down knowing that tomorrow was the wedding day but he still could not find his daughter. He had even shown up at the palace twice yesterday.

Mu Feng looked at his master, and Di Fuyi instructed him, "Go and announce what I have told you. Announce that the wedding has been canceled!"

Mu Feng responded, "... Yes!"

It was a shocking piece of news to everyone when they discovered that the wedding ceremony was suddenly canceled the day before it took place. The news spread across the world as fast as the speed of light.

Some of them did not believe it; some of them were surprised, disappointed, and shocked; some of them smelled a rat. All sorts of speculations, gossips, and rumors were being discussed.

Some visitors had shown up at Fucang Hall when it was still dark to express their confusion and sympathy. No one believed that it was true and thought that it was merely a rumor. It was not until they saw that the red silk flower that was once decorated the door of the Fucang Hall had been removed, and the fact that the palace had returned to its solemn and mysterious appearance that the crowd started believing that it was true.

Was the well-prepared wedding of the century canceled?!

Everyone could not believe it.

Mu Feng was annoyed and irritated by the fact that so many people were showing up to inquire about the wedding. Finally, he went to the stage while the cold wind was blowing and announced loudly, "I am here to represent Celestial Master Zuo to make a special announcement. The wedding ceremony between Celestial Master Zuo and Miss Gu Xijiu has been canceled. Nevertheless, both of them are still friends even though the wedding has been canceled. Please do not disturb Miss Gu Xijiu. If there is a violation, it will be considered as an act of disrespecting Celestial Master Zuo…"

Silence filled the air for a while. However, chaos soon erupted.

Mu Feng left after the announcement had been made and did not bother responding to anyone. Everyone was upset about this turns of event.

Earlier on, the public had the impression that the cancellation of the wedding was because Di Fuyi had abandoned Gu Xijiu. After all, neither of them had turned up to clarify the event.

However, there were also people who felt that Di Fuyi had been wronged. He handled the preparations for the wedding and had even made it as glamorous as possible. They had a feeling that he truly loved Gu Xijiu as this was not his way of doing things.

If it was Celestial Master Zuo who had abandoned Miss Gu Xijiu, he could have insisted on finishing the wedding ceremony since he had already prepared for it, and maybe after a while, he could leave her alone. Therefore, it was undoubtedly not Di Fuyi's fault, but Miss Gu Xijiu's instead.

The crowd argued about this issue, but neither emerged victorious.

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