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Chapter 1285: I Am Not Afraid Of Being Ashamed
Translator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

Emperors from various countries, the masters of all societies, and the leaders of different famous families had also arrived.

Even the emperor of the Ceyue Kingdom, who was once hostile to the Feixing Kingdom, had led his confidants here and was now staying at the courier station.

The wedding of the century was the hot topic these days. It was no ordinary wedding, and now The Lord was planning to call it off?!

If it was to be canceled, not only would The Lord become a laughingstock, it would also be the biggest joke of the century! It was a serious matter, and it involved the image of Celestial Master Zuo. Fucang Hall could not afford to bear the consequences of this turn of events.

Was his master not determined to marry Gu Xijiu? He had even decorated the bedroom and living room by himself.

Mu Feng did not know how the bedroom looked like as The Lord did not allow anyone to enter the bedroom, but he saw how glorious the living room was. The Lord personally decorated the ornaments!

His efforts would go to waste if the wedding was canceled. Mu Feng could not believe it at all! He thought for a moment and suggested, " My Lord, I have an idea. It might be the best idea for now."

Di Fuyi responded, "Speak!"

Mu Feng first talked about the shame of canceling the wedding, and then said, "Even though we are searching for her soul, but her physical body is still here with us. Why can't you use a spell to control her physical body? She doesn't have to say anything as long as her body follows the procedure. We need to hold this ceremony. If she escapes, she will still be your wife. Meanwhile, we will continue our search for her. If she is still alive, she will be back sooner or later. It's impossible for her to spend a lifetime anywhere else."

Di Fuyi was silent once again. It was only after a few minutes that he said, "The deity does not want to marry anyone but her!"

Mu Feng advised him, "My Lord, you will be marrying her. It's just that you will be controlling her physical body tomorrow using a spell."

Di Fuyi closed his eyes gently. "But it won't be her!" He was not interested in the idea.

Mu Feng rubbed his forehead and said impatiently, "But..."

"Enough." Di Fuyi interrupted him. "The wedding will be canceled, and I am not afraid of being ashamed."

Mu Feng was speechless.

Di Fuyi was calm as he said, "She had completely disappeared this time around, which indicates that she is not willing to marry me. It would be meaningless to force her since she doesn't want to get married. If she returns and finds out what we did to her, she might even hate me. Let's respect her decision."

He smiled again and said, "Perhaps she would return after the wedding is canceled..." Though he was laughing at himself, his expression was serious as he said, "After all she is hiding from me, isn't she?"

Mu Feng felt deplored for his master and asked, "If it is to be canceled, there must be a reason for it. What do we say? It would be a burden if we told them that she had run away from you. How about we announce to them that you had discovered that Gu Xijiu is not the right match for you and therefore you decided to break the engagement?"

The Emperor glanced at him and said, "No, just say that Gu Xijiu found out I am not the right match for her and she desperately insisted on calling off the wedding. I agreed to her request."

"I am afraid that it would bring shame to Fucang Hall..."

Celestial Master Zuo's fiance had decided to break off their engagement. What a shame!

Di Fuyi supported his forehead with one hand and said gently, "I have said it before, I'm not afraid of being ashamed." He had always been indifferent towards how people looked at him.

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